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Special 50th Birthday Gifts

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We’ve got some very special 50th birthday gifts you can use for your big event. If you need something special to show your feelings for that special someone, we’ve got it! There are many ways to get gifts that are extra special.

This is a special day.  You need a special gift to exemplify that distinction.

Gift of Gold

Gold is the color of the 50th year, be it an anniversary or a birthday. This is a great occasion to buy them something gold.

You can find gold items, such as:

  • A necklace, with an engraved pendant
  • A ring with their birthstone
  • Earrings
  • A keepsake, or jewelry box
  • A frame with a favorite picture of you and them
  • A keychain

This is a gift they get to wear day after day. You can also make it even more sentimental by having something engraved on it. This will personalize the gift and give them something to remember you by.

Sentimental Birthday Speech

You can use speeches as sentimental 50th birthday gifts. It is a great way for you to profess your love for the birthday person in front of everyone.

You can write a speech and deliver it at the party, or privately at home, depending on what you want to say in the speech.

Furthermore, it is a great idea to write this speech out on a nice piece of paper for them to keep as a memento of the beautiful words you’ve said to them.

We’ve got some great tips to writing a 50th Birthday Speech and some samples to give you great ideas.

Get Scrap-booking!

You can create a scrapbook about them and what they mean to you. Rather than create a scrapbook about life events, create one about how much you love them and why. You can do this by having a page about each great thing about the person.

You could always brainstorm all the unforgettable memories you have, dedicate a page in the scrapbook to your favorite ones. Also, create pages filled with other pictures you love that remind you of that person.

There are plenty of different ideas you can use for special gifts. There is also things like:

  • Picture collage of you and the birthday person.
  • Framed baby picture of the birthday person.
  • A letter or story about how you met them and some of the great life experiences you have shared together.
  • Song/Montage of songs that have meaning to the two of you.
  • Send the person 50 of their favorite flowers or chocolates.

There are many ways to show them they are special, these special 50th birthday gifts are a great way to materialize the way you feel about them!

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