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50th Party Ideas

Creative 50th Birthday Party Themes

Let’s brainstorm for unforgettable 50th birthday party themes. Every party needs a theme, whether your 50th celebration will be casual or elegant, simple or elaborate. The theme helps you tie it all together into something interesting and memorable. It can also guide you in deciding on the color scheme, entertainment, even the food. You can …

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Fun Pirate Theme Party Ideas for a 50th Birthday Party

These pirate theme party ideas are intended for grown-ups who want to throw a really fun party they’ll remember forever. Wonder if this theme will work for you? Well, a pirate theme party is perfect for times when the birthday guy is irrepressible, a bit mischievous, and hasn’t quite “grown up.” Is your guest of …

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Funny Gags, Roasts

Over the Hill & Funny 50th Birthday Themes For funny 50th birthday ideas, you might want to use “over the hill” jokes or you might want to get borderline-morbid with it. Would you go this far? The “over the hill” or a funny 50th birthday theme is not only used for 50th birthdays, so feel …

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