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50th Birthday Party Games for Inside or Out

Ever wondered what 50th birthday party games you could play at your party to keep things exciting? Use these ideas to keep any party hoppin’!

Who says games are for kids? Have you ever found that you have even more fun playing party games as an adult? Well, nothing is more entertaining then acting like a bunch of kids and having fun.  So let’s explore the possibilities…

Kick The Bucket

This is not only a fun game, but the name of the game is very fitting for a 50th birthday party!

  • This game is more fun in the dark, but if your party is in the afternoon, you can also play during the day.
  • Have all your guests wear dark clothes (or wait until it is dark outside) and you’ll be set to play.
  • You’ll also need a steel bucket, or any metal item that is visible enough and large enough to kick.

To play:

Place the bucket in a large open area of the yard.

You need to choose a way to pick the “it” person who goes first. You can always make the birthday boy/girl start!

Like hide and seek, the “it” person will cover their eyes and count to a certain number (depending on the size of your yard and amount of people), say 30.

As they are counting, everyone else will run and hide. Once time is up, the “it” person will start to search for everyone. In the dark, this is more difficult than it sounds!

The objective is to get to the bucket and kick it before your name is called out by the “it” person. As you run for the bucket, if they call your name, you become the next “it” person.  Those who kick the bucket are safe and cannot be caught.

If you are playing in the light, you could use tactics to disguise yourselves so the “it” person doesn’t know who you are.  (Masks, for example). Again, whoever gets caught first will become “it” for the next round. This game has no time limits. Play as long or as little as you like.

This is one of the more active and fun 50th birthday party games.

More 50th Birthday Party Games for Grown Up Kids

Capture The Flag

Find a large yard or field for the game, similar to a football or soccer field.

The field has two territories, one for each team, like soccer or football. Each team has a flag of a different color which is placed somewhere in their territory.

Each team tries to get into the opposing team’s territory and grab the flag, then return without being tagged. Each person who achieves this, earns a point for their team. The team with the most points at the end of  game time wins. (You choose how long you play.)

In their own territory, team members are safe and can’t be tagged. Once they enter the opposing territory, they are vulnerable.

This is a fairly active game for a 50th birthday party, but some party groups may be up for it.


This is the typical game we all know about. It’s an acting style game.

To make it more personalized you can create your own phrases to make the charades specific to the occasion – make the phrases about the guest of honor. Create these cards and shuffle them up.

You create two teams and have them gain points for guessing the phrases correctly. To be able to guess the phrase one team member must act out the phrase in a way their team will be able to guess it.

A Poker Tournament or Other Card Games

For the parties that are located inside – and you don’t want people throwing horse shoes or running around the area – there are always card games.

Poker has become a very popular game in recent years.

You can set up a few tables and create a mini tournament.

The game can be played for just for fun with poker chips, and you can always provide a prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

There are also other card games you can play, any card game really can be played in groups.

It could be classics like UNO, Spades, Canasta, Rummy… there are tons of possibilities!

Be a Kid for a Day

Play all the games we did at birthday parties as kids.

Bust out party games like:

  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • Musical Chairs
  • Limbo
  • Hang up a Pinata
  • Bingo

This is a great way to just get everyone laughing and also gives chances to talk about your childhoods, especially the guest of honors. Use any of those games you played as a kid as your 50th birthday party games.

Backyard Games

If your party is in a field or backyard, you can always play games like:

  • Horseshoes
  • Bocci
  • Lawn darts
  • Badminton
  • Corn Hole

These can all be purchased at the store and are fairly inexpensive – some stores even have sets that come with all the games in one.

This is especially good for outdoor summer parties, nice slow paced games that everyone can join in and socialize as they all do so.

There are many possibilities for 50th birthday party games. For more games ideas, visit this page or even more 50th birthday games here.

It all depends on your guests, and your venue as to what games are possible at your 50th birthday party!