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I come from a large family by today’s standards and with so many of us in one house, it always seems like someone’s birthday was rolling around. Not only have I been involved in a lot of birthdays over the years, I’ve attended, assisted with and hosted many events through the years. Coming from a big family, party planning, organizing and cooking for a crowd are just part of my DNA … and I love to do it!

Also, my parents were very social people when I was growing up and it was rare to find our place empty on the weekends.  Usually, it was full of friends, laughter and good times. Seriously. My parents loved to party!

Later in life, I met my mother-in-law who was her own version of Martha Stewart before anybody even knew who Martha Stewart was.  She did entertaining right and even had a cool gadget called a Cuisine Art!!  Ha ha!  What I’m trying to say is, that was a few years ago. 🙂  Needless to say, I believe I’ve had party training from some of the best!

Some of you may notice I’m a new webmaster for this site and I’m so pleased to be here. This is such a happy, wonderful site, brimming with great ideas, I couldn’t resist taking it over!

Now that I’m here, I’m at your service! Please use my contact form if there’s anything you need or information you seek, but cannot find. I’ll do my best to help you.  I’ll also be updating the articles where necessary and putting my own touches on things. I hope you like my style!

I have so many ideas and love to help people and believe what goes around comes around.  I hope my ideas and recommendations help and you’ll find me a good source of information that you can share with your friends.  I am creating a mecca for planning the perfect 50th birthday and it is a labor of love.

I hope I can help YOU create the perfect 50th birthday celebration.  A wonderful family memory is certainly one of my fondest wishes.

Thank you so much for visiting. Let’s party, shall we? *****