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Sample Wishes

50th Birthday Wishes We’ve got great tips for creating your own unique 50th birthday wishes!! Birthday wishes are a topper to a card; to make the card extra special. Creating these wishes yourself will really put some extra meaning in those cards. A lot of people just skip the card and move to the gift. …

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Sample Sayings

50th Birthday Sayings We have a bunch of 50th birthday sayings that you can use for a 50th birthday card, t-shirt, banner or sign. How many have you heard before and forgotten? Some of these are my own creations and others I’ve picked up over the years. Need to Make a 50th Birthday Post? Here …

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Birthday Phrases

50th Birthday Phrases Check out all of our great 50th birthday phrases for your special day!! When someone says they are turning 50, what comes to your head as a common saying? These are fiftieth birthday phrases. Phrases are similar to sayings and slogans. They are short sentences describing something – in this case a …

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Poem-Writing Tips

Happy 50th Birthday Poems: How to Write the Perfect Poem! Happy 50th birthday poems are a sentimental touch to any card, especially unique and original creations by the sender. They will transform your feelings into a nice keepsake, however you choose to present it. You can use poems in your cards, as well as your …

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Birthday Poems

50th Birthday Poems 50th birthday poems are a nice touch to add to a number of things. You can add these to cards, speeches, or you can use them as a gift on their own. These birthday poems can be incorporated into your cards – either by writing them in a blank store bought card, …

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Speech Writing Tips

How To Write A 50th Birthday Speech Do you need to write a 50th birthday speech, but don’t know where to start? To help you do your part and create an awesome birthday celebration, I’ve created this helpful guide with tips and tricks for writing your perfect speech. (You can also visit this page, that has …

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