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Sample Wishes

50th Birthday Wishes

We’ve got great tips for creating your own unique 50th birthday wishes!! Birthday wishes are a topper to a card; to make the card extra special. Creating these wishes yourself will really put some extra meaning in those cards. A lot of people just skip the card and move to the gift. The card should be the highlight; it is where you can really show how you feel for the person.

Sending generic store-bought cards, with cookie cutter birthday wishes does not show how much the person means to you and how special of a person they are. Fifty is a big day; we need to make it extra special for those close to us. Creating a homemade birthday wish will do just that!

50th birthday wishes can be messages of love, inspiration, humor or kindness – or all of those wrapped into one! The great part of writing your own wishes is that you can make it the way YOU want. You don’t have to sit in a store for an hour reading over card after card to find the perfect one – you make the perfect one!

We’ve got some great tips and tricks for writing a special and meaningful 50th birthday wish:

Be Heartfelt

Put your heart and soul into your wish. The price tag on the gift doesn’t matter. Like our parents used to say “It’s the thought that counts!” This is where you dig deep and use your feelings. The only way to make a really special wish is to be heartfelt.

Be Personal

A birthday celebration is a personal event. It is one person’s special day. It is “their” birthday! Make these birthday wishes personal. You can do this by adding past memories, events, or occasions. You can also use the persons’ hobbies, likes or pastimes. Incorporate your favorite memory of that person. You can use the persons’ nickname, or a personal pet name you have for them.

Be Creative

Or are you the sappy emotional type? Don’t do what is expected. If you send cards every year making fun of their age – send a heartfelt sentimental card. If you always send a romantic card to your wife – send her a funny one. Be unexpected. Like anything you do in school or work, start by hooking them in. It is the same with your wishes. Open with a bang – and how better than to do something completely unexpected.


Give yourself a lot of time to write these messages and wishes.

Brainstorm! Don’t just write the first thing that comes to mind.

Make it personal and for just that person.

Make a homemade card to go with your homemade 50th birthday wish.

Focus on their personality, hobbies, etc

Keep it sentimental but also light and humorous. We don’t want everyone crying at the party!

If the wish is very touching, or a tearjerker, give it to them privately, so they can express their true emotions.

Keep the message short, you don’t want them to have to read a page long story.

With these tips and helpful hints in hand you are on your way to creating great 50th birthday wishes. Hey, you can use these very same tips for ANY birthday wishes you need to create. Have fun, and enjoy the reactions you receive! We guarantee your cards will be kept as keepsakes for years!!