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Birthday Phrases

50th Birthday Phrases

Check out all of our great 50th birthday phrases for your special day!!

When someone says they are turning 50, what comes to your head as a common saying? These are fiftieth birthday phrases. Phrases are similar to sayings and slogans. They are short sentences describing something – in this case a 50th birthday.

The key to any 50th birthday phrase is that is it quick, short and to the point. These phrases should easily fit on a t shirt or a cake. These birthday phrases should be motivational, meaningful and memorable. You want these to be an eye catcher.

50th birthday phrases can be used in many different ways like:

  • Personalized t shirt
  • Buttons, banners, signs
  • Cards or invitations
  • Cakes

A birthday phrase is not 3-4 words, they are usually a full sentence, but give great impact in that one sentence.

The possibilities for phrases are endless, we have a list of some of the MANY we have come across. Feel free to Share your Phrases with us as well! We always love to hear from you!

Don’t count your years, count
your blessings!


Youth is a work of nature, age is
a work of art!


God grant you the senility to
forget the people you never liked,
the good fortune to run into the
ones you do and the eyesight to
tell the difference!


50 years! Remember yesterday’s
memories, today’s joys, and
tomorrow’s dreams!


40 is the old age of youth, 50
is the youth of old age!

Being 50 takes stamina and
endurance that even youth does not offer!


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Things you should keep in mind when picking a birthday phrase are:

  • Remember who its for. Take into account their sense of humor and how they feel about the big five-O.
  • Don’t be too rude, or focused on age! These are supposed to be fun, not make them cry.
  • Make sure they are light and celebratory, not dark and dreary – it is, after all, their special day!
  • Make sure these phrases will make them laugh or smile (or, ideally, both!!)

These 50th birthday phrases are a great addition to any party, or decoration. They give that special added touch to your celebration.