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Birthday Card Ideas

50th Birthday Cards That Are Just Right

Another very important part of a 50th birthday are the 50th birthday cards. Any gift must be accompanied by a card – its just the rules!

And because its such an important birthday you need to make sure these cards are over the top!

The Perfect Store-Bought Card

With store bought cards, it is always important to take extra time finding the perfect cards.

These cards are more generic and some people just skim through them and toss them aside for the gift.

If you take the time to pick out a perfect one, they will want to cherish it and won’t throw it away like its a piece of junk mail.

Never just pick up one card, buy it and sign your name! It is not personalized or special in any way.

Take your time, read through a bunch of the cards – there’s always something that will just be perfect for you if you take the time to look.

Once you find this perfect birthday card (buy it of course!) then write something in it – not just “love, me” or “happy birthday”.

Again, take some time and put some thought into a few lines you can write to just tell that special person to have a great day and what they mean to you.

I find a quick joke or one line about how much you love them can work. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just a short and sweet message.

Crafty and Home Made 50th Birthday Cards

In my opinion a home made card is the best way to give a card! I swear by home made cards – and very rarely give people store bought ones! My family has come to expect home made cards.

Making your own cards is a great opportunity to connect with your birthday person in a way you simply can’t do with a store bought card by relating to shared experiences.

With homemade cards you’ve got endless possibilities for ideas. Decide what kind of card you want to make – funny, touching, romantic, childish, etc. From there decide what you want to say in the card, and brainstorm a layout. Every good card needs a blueprint. With this blueprint you can easily create your masterpiece!

And if you need ideas for the birthday card message go to this page, after you finish this one, of course.

Some materials you can use for these 50th birthday cards are:

  • construction paper
  • markers
  • crayons
  • pencil crayons
  • glitter or paint
  • stencils
  • cut outs
  • pipe cleaners
  • pom poms
  • ribbon
  • pictures

A great source of images is, where you can find free or low cost photos and graphics of all sizes. Many images on this site came from Dreamstime.

But, if you’re looking for 50th birthday clipart or over the hill clipart, visit our Free 50th birthday cards page.

E cards Can Be Fun and Solve the Last Minute Dilemma

In this age of connectedness, electronic birthday greetings and e cards are more common than ever. Also, people are more scattered about than they used to be.

E cards are easier than regular mail – and you can almost be sure they get there on time, IF you get the address right!

You can even create them and set it up to send on a specific day – so a week before you can do it and you will ensure you don’t forget that special day! With these e cards you can write whatever you want underneath them, but the same as a store bought card – take your time and find the perfect one!

If you can not find a perfect e card you can always make one yourself. To do this you would create the card with a graphics program. In this program you would make a picture with whatever you would want your card to say. After you’ve perfected your picture all you would need to do is save and email it over. Here are some ideas for 50th birthday ecards that you can make yourself using a graphics program.

To make sure you have just the perfect greetings or wishes in these 50th birthday cards or 50th birthday e cards, check out other pages on my site for great wishesgreetings and messages.

Take your time and have fun with it. A birthday card is very important part of any gift. I’m sure you have just tossed those boring ones aside and ended up throwing them away. If you make the card special it will be kept for years to come!