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Creative 50th Birthday Party Themes

Let’s brainstorm for unforgettable 50th birthday party themes. Every party needs a theme, whether your 50th celebration will be casual or elegant, simple or elaborate.

50th birthday party themes

The theme helps you tie it all together into something interesting and memorable. It can also guide you in deciding on the color scheme, entertainment, even the food.

You can create a theme of any kind for your event, and we have tons of ideas to inspire just the right party plan.

Your theme can guide you in selecting:

  • Decorations
  • Location or Venue
  • Cake
  • Centerpieces
  • Dinnerware
  • Party Favors
  • Invitations
  • Food
  • Music
  • Games or Entertainment

Don’t forget!! For detailed steps to perfect planning for any of our party themes, just click the matching link (or the picture).

And if you need more after browsing this page, there is another list of themes at the bottom of this page.

Many of the theme ideas have a detailed outline of how each of these themes can be achieved.

My Ideas for 50th Birthday Party Themes

We just created brand new pages of 50th birthday party themes, including these creative theme ideas.

  • For a costume party, visit our Masquerade Party Ideas page if that sounds like a fun theme for your group of guests.
  • If you like Carnivals, check out these 3 types of carnival theme ideas, ranging from circus-style carnivals to the Italian Carnivale type of costume party.
  • Honor your birthday person with a tribute by using this “All About You” theme.
  • Is your birthday guy a modern version of Peter Pan?  Try a pirate theme birthday party for the young at heart.
  • Ladies, consider a slumber party theme for you and your girlfriends. It’s safe, stylish, and sure to create lasting memories.
  • Movie lovers will appreciate the movie theme party plan. I’ve included everything, even the menu!

Black & White Party Theme

Black and white party theme

This is a common one for a lot of 50th birthdays. Using black and white gives the party an elegant look but still has an “over the hill” feel to it. This one is pretty easy to accomplish just stick to those two basic colors – black and white.

Blueprint for a Black and White Party Theme

Over the Hill

If you want more than the subtle hints of “over the hill” style of themes we’ve got some a little more extreme. Why not go for a more outrageous theme with a full out “over the hill” theme.

These types of themes make sure EVERYONE knows that it’s the 50th birthday and that the guest of honor is heading over the hill.

Over the Hill Themes

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Having a scavenger hunt birthday party can be a ton of fun. You start their day out with a treasure hunt and end off with a party! Who doesn’t love treasure and parties!

See all our tips and tricks to help you create a Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party for your 50th!

Gold Party Theme

Gold party theme

This is one of the most popular 50th birthday party themes!

Gold is the color for the 50th milestone. With this theme, you will use it!

No, it doesn’t have to be real gold – unless you really have some money to spend! Just have decorations in gold as well as the dinnerware. You can go a step further and ask all your guests to wear their gold jewelry or if they have any gold colored clothing.

Click Here for a Detailed Blueprint of a Gold Theme

Year of Birth Theme

This style of theme is dependent on the year the birthday person is born. You would decorate according to that year, or era.

For example, if the person is born in the 60’s you would decorate like you were throwing a party in the ’60s (have bright colored (tie-dyed) decorations, hippy style everything, etc). You should even have music to match.

If your guests are up for it you can even make it a dress-up party and have everyone dress like they’re in that era! This theme can be a lot of fun, and bring back a lot of memories.

Another option for this theme is, instead of the year they were born, pick the era they grew up in.

So someone that spent their teenage and early adult life in the ’80s would have an 80’s themed party. This may jog more memories than the year they were born because most of our memorable experiences are in our teens and early adulthood.

Even the planning for this party can be fun! Get your best pals together for a brainstorming session to flesh out the theme. It will be great to toss around all those memorable songs, TV shows, and movies that can become part of your theme.

Kids Again Theme

kids party decorations

For this theme, it’s exactly as it sounds. Make the party a kids’ party, go back to the good ole days, and have the exact party like you did when you were 5 or 8 years old.

You could decorate in bright fun colors, have everyone dress to match the theme or have everyone dress as a kid.

Break out the party games and of course, the loot bags! Do everything the way you did when you were a kid.

Click Here for a Detailed Blueprint for a Kids Again Theme

Bring Your Own Party (BYOP)

Bring Your Own Party! For this style of theme, you would add the instructions to the invitations. Essentially all your guests will bring decorations to the party.

Pick a color theme, like Mango Orange, and add that information to your invitations. Then the guests must stay within that color scheme but each person brings decorations. Have the guests show up a little earlier than the guest of honor and have everyone help decorate with what they brought.

You can make this a bring your own party and also have a potluck at the same time, and of course, everyone brings a gift.

You could have them bring their own music, chairs, booze, games, etc. The options are huge! Check out confetti, party favors, string lights, and colorful decorations.

“Everything You” Party

This is the special day for the guest of honor. With this theme, you would brainstorm everything the birthday boy/girl likes, the hobbies they have, the things they don’t like, their favorites, etc. With this, you would create a theme that involves them all.

Perhaps photos on mugs, coasters, or anything you can think of.

When someone walks in the room it’s like a story about the guest of honor. It’s everything about them! You can even have pictures of them all over the place, from different stages of their life. This will be a great way to honor the 50 years they have experienced.

Winter Birthday Theme

If your birthday falls in those wintry months, you are more limited to themes that could include outdoors. Summer is always an easier month to celebrate outside. But, we are here to save the day (again!) with this fun winter 50th birthday party theme.

Detailed Blueprint for a Winter Birthday Theme

Jungle Theme Party

Bring out your inner animal with this jungle theme party idea, or if you just want a jungle theme invitation check out our different ideas there too!

Detailed Blueprint for a Jungle Theme Party

These are just a few ideas for 50th birthday party themes. You can, of course, still, use any of the regular birthday themes, or use themes related to one of their hobbies or interests.

Be sure to always check back, as new themes and ideas are put on here all the time.

If none of these 50th birthday party themes feels right to you, here is another List of Party Themes here that might spark your interest.

Creative 50th birthday party themes

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