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Looking for great 50th Birthday Party Ideas? Don’t miss this!

Tired of racking your brain for 50th birthday party ideas? You’re going to love this “kids again” 50th birthday party theme!

This 50th birthday party theme will bring you back to your childhood!! Everyone wants to be a kid again, right? Any supplies for this theme will be easy to find because they are the same supplies any kid would use for their parties.

“Kids Again” 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Think back to your childhood and the parties your parents threw for you back in the day – take those and create a fun party in the same way you did when you were 5 or 10 years old.

Be sure to incorporate some fun games to this “kids again” 50th birthday party theme. Include games like:

  • pin the tail on the donkey
  • duck, duck, goose
  • musical chairs
  • egg and spoon race
  • bingo
  • red light, green light
  • Simon says
  • what time is it Mr. Wolf
  • red rover


More Fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas


For balloons use fun colorful balloons and lots of them. Don’t be afraid to use many different colors – use the whole rainbow of colors!

If you choose you can use a kid theme, like your favorite kid’s cartoon from when you were a kid – be it Muppets, CareBears, He-Man, Rainbow Bright, etc.

Streamers & Banners:

The streamers and banners can also go with the balloons if you chose a cartoon based theme.

If you chose to just use lots of fun colors, then drape lots of colorful streamers and make your banners bright and colorful.

Dinnerware & Utensils:

Again, you can go with that cartoon character if you chose that – get plates and napkins with Rainbow Bright on them (or whichever character you chose).

If you just want fun colors make everything a different color.

For example:

Cups: Fire Engine Red
Plates: Bright blue
Utensils: Yellow and Green
Napkins: Purple or Pink

With this kids again 50th birthday party theme, it’s all about letting out your inner child and have fun with colors.


Have a bright cake with fun colored candles on it. Or have a cake in the shape of your favorite toys or characters from when you were a kid. If you like fire trucks have a fire truck cake. If you liked pink and princesses, have a cake in the shape of a princess crown or something.


What is something all kids love? CANDY!

Have your centerpiece be something like a vase or jar filled with candy and lollipops.

You can even make it look like a plant. Use a pot with grass in it and put in a bunch of lollipops (big and small) to look like flowers.


Get those bulk invitations they sell at the dollar store for kids. They usually have different characters or cartoons on them, with blank spaces to have the information put in. If you have a young child or grandchild, have them fill in the information so it looks like the invitations were from a kid – as well as the party being themed like a kids party.

Party Favors:

The classic loot bags! With a kids again 50th birthday party theme, it’s the only way to go!

Go to the dollar store and get the plastic loot bags and fill them with candy and all the little trinkets and toys you used to get in loot bags as a kid.

What better way to feel younger than throwing a kid’s birthday party for that special 50th birthday person.

Bring out the kid in everyone there.

There are so many fun 50th birthday party ideas that you can easily do!