50th Birthday Pranks


You need 50th birthday pranks if you have a friend, spouse, coworker or sibling who’s heading for the Big 5-O and you’re just itching to rub it in.   Boy oh boy, there’s no better opportunity than someone’s 50th birthday to let them known how much you care.  A ha! A prank is just the thing to give you and your friends a big laugh.

Keep in mind that pranks should not be mean or cruel.  Some lighthearted ribbing is appreciated by nearly everyone.  However, be careful not to insult or offend because your jokes could come across as bullying rather than humor.  You really don’t want that.

Maybe you can’t think of an 50th birthday pranks and you need some ideas.  Well you’ve come to the right place.  Below is my list of some of the most hilarious pranks you could pull off.  Use them at your 50th birthday party, at work, or just use them for the heck of it.  Give these practical jokes a whirl…

50th Birthday Pranks as Gifts

Old Age Gift Basket

One of the most popular 50th birthday pranks is to put together a gift basket of senior treats.  You can fill it with things like:

  • Denture cream
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Throw in your old iPod and make it look like a MedicAlert button
  • A TV remote with very large buttons
  • Ben Gay
  • Hearing aid device
  • Prune juice
  • Constipation meds
  • Magnifying glass
  • Coupons for senior dinners in town
  • Hemorrhoid medicine
  • Orthopedic ffoot pads
  • Medication/pill sorter
  • A DVD of the movie, Grumpy Old Men

Some other gifts you could surprise them with are:

  • A subscription to AARP
  • A walker (you might find one on Craigslist or at a thrift store). Make it look souped up by attaching things like a horn and tassles.

Obnoxious Gift Presentation Pranks

  • A clever way to give them a hard time is to put glitter in their birthday card envelope.  When they open the envelope, the glitter will come flying out.  Warning: you might want to be sure you have a vacuum cleaner handy.
  • Wrap their gift in an excessive number of layers of wrapping paper, making sure to alternate seams on each layer, so they have to open them one at a time.  In other words, you don’t want them to be able to grab one edge and pull all the layers at once. Also, you could nest boxes inside other boxes so they have to open a succession of boxes to get to the real box.  You could even insert old age items inside each box, if desired.  With this prank, opening their gift will be more like an hilariously agonizing journey.

Candy Prank

Buy them a box of tempting chocolates and carefully remove both the outer packaging and the wrappers for each candy piece.  Replace the chocolates with cauliflower or other unappealing vegetable.  What a surprise they’ll get when they open their “chocolate.”

Beverage Pranks

  • This is one of those 50th birthday pranks you probably want to do before a meal.  Mix unflavored gelatin with your favorite cold non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage and heat it in the microwave until warm. Then transfer to a glass or bottle and chill to set. When they go to drink it, the beverage will not flow.  It will be stuck inside the glass. This works great in clear glass containers, but it will work fine with any container as long as you can clearly see the “liquid.”  If you serve them cake, this would work great with their glass of milk, for example.
  • A very easy prank to pull off at parties is to put vinegar in their drink when they’re not looking, then wait for their reaction.  Yow!!!  Tell them that you heard that after 50, taste buds really change…

October Birthday Prank

Halloween is very popular and a great time to prank your birthday person.  Instead of taffy apples, give them a taffy onion!  Simply insert your stick into a large onion and dip it in carmel.  They won’t suspect a thing … until they take a bite!

Wake ‘Em Up Prank

If they have a favorite chair, rig it up with a horn so that when they sit down, they get a blast! Tell them now that they’re old, they need help staying awake.

Bathroom Pranks

  • Make your own lable by wrapping a can of aerosol air freshener and fastening it on with glue stick or tape.  Your lable should read, “For Old Farts,” or something to that effect.  I’ll leave the artwork up to you and your imagination. 😉
  • The other thing you could do is use a magic marker and write on their toilet paper.  You could say “For Crappy Old Guys,” or something similarly crude.  You could also scare them by placing plastic spiders in strategic places or drawing them on the toilet paper itself.  For maximum impact, roll it up nicely so they don’t see them until they’ve given the roll a good yank.

50 Birthday Cake Prank

Make them a birthday cake covered in skeletons or decorate it with an image of the grim reaper.  If they have a good sense of humor, you could even say “Happy 50th. It’s the beginning of the end,” or something of that nature.

“Sorry” Prank

If your birthday person parks on the street, set up this prank while they’re inside enjoying the party or any other opportune time.  Simply put a note on their windshield that says, “sorry for the damage,” then try to suppress your laughter as you watch them they try to find it.

I hope these 50th birthday pranks give you some ideas on how to mess with your favorite birthday person.  It’s a popular milestone to give your loved ones a hard time.  Take advantage of it!

If you have a fun 50th birthday prank you’d like to share, please send it to me through my contact form.  I might post it on the site!