How to give a boss’s 50th birthday party?

by Kathy
(Joliet, IL)

The people I work with want to give our boss a 50th birthday party at work. It will only last 1 hour during our lunch.

I would like it to be fun, but acceptable for the workplace.

My boss is a “A” personality and is very detailed. She likes to have fun, only within reason.

I need help!

Amanda’s Reply:

Hi Kathy!

No worries! We are here to help for sure! Parties for bosses can be tricky, you have to make sure not to go overboard with the age jokes – they are after all the one signing your paycheque in a sense 🙂

I would go into work a little earlier than your boss does and put a few decorations in their office (or cubicle). Get a few balloons and a banner for the door – nothing too over the top. This will make sure everyone in the office knows it’s their 50th.

For the lunch hour, I would arrange to have something for food brought in – say pizza or sandwiches. This can be arranged on your break or the night before. Just have reception or whoever will accept the delivery to put it in the lunchroom or bring it to you.

Purchase a nice cake and make sure everyone is on lunch together.

If there are gifts to give, you can give them as everyone enjoys the lunch. Gifts for bosses aren’t really something over the top or expensive. You just want something that shows them they are a great person to work with and something nice to remember the day by.

You can get things like:

  • Have a little trophy made saying “Best Boss”
  • A nice potted plant for their desk
  • A framed picture of all their staff together for their desk
  • Gift certificates for restaurants or a spa (everyone can pool together for this one)
  • Gift basket of goodies they can stash in their drawer for snacking throughout the day
  • Have everyone take one of the bosses duties for a day (the stuff the other staff is allowed to do), give them a lighter workload for a day

Of course, there has to be added fun, because she is turning fifty, hehe!

Here’s a few ideas:

  • All pool together and get her a “getting old survival kit”. This would include anti-aging pills, adult diapers, denture cleaner, reading glasses, etc.
  • Arrange to have a clown or someone dressed as a gorilla or chicken, to come to the office just before lunch and sing “Happy Birthday” to her and they can bring her to the lunch room where everyone will be to continue the party.
  • Get some “granny” clothes and make her dress up in them for the afternoon. You would get things like reading glasses with a chain for around her neck, a knitted sweater, etc.
  • While in celebrating lunch have someone sneak away to her office and fill it to the top with packing peanuts.
  • Send out an email to everyone that the birthday girl (the boss) is accepting birthday hugs (or bumps, if you want to be mean) all day

I hope some of this helps your planning. Feel free to ask any questions you will have along the way. Or stop by afterward and let me know how it goes!

Tell the boss HAPPY BIRTHDAY and good luck with your planning!

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