51st b-day

OOPS! A co-worker turned 50 last year, but no one knew about it at the time, SO what creative thing could we do to celebrate a 51st birthday?


Amanda’s Reply:

A great question!

Why not have a “belated 50th birthday party” and use that as your theme.

It could be a theme full of fun, here’s some ideas of things you can do:

Invitations: Create a “Belated Birthday” invitation. Use something like “Seeming we forgot last year, let’s celebrate John’s Belated 50th Birthday”.

Decorations: Pick your color themes as you would for any party. For the banners and signs, use things like “Opps, we forgot, but Happy 50th” or “Happy Belated 50th Birthday”.

Cake:Play on the theme of everyone else forgetting – even though it is because you didn’t know. Add something to the cake that says “You’re over the hill, yet we are the ones forgetting your birthday!”

Gifts & Cards: Have everyone purchase belated birthday cards instead of normal ones. For gifts check out our 50th Birthday Gift Ideas.

Music: You can always research what music was popular at the same time last year and set up to play all those songs.

Another idea you can use is have like a double birthday. In this instance you would have two of everything – one for his 50th and one for his 51st. For example, you would have two cakes, and everyone would bring two cards & gifts. You could create two invitations and decorate with decorations for each.

It’s a fun way to celebrate the milestone from last year, and of course the incoming new birthday as well!!

Not only will the age be a focus (because of course 50 is an important year to highlight) you will also be highlighting the fact that it is two birthdays in one!

Hope this helps get you started at throwing an awesome 50th birthday party, let us know how it goes!

Good Luck! Wish him Happy Belated Birthday for us!!
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