50 and Ready to Go

by Debra Patterson
(Port Chester)

I am planning my 50th birthday party I want it to be on the high end; soft gold and dark red. There will be 10 tables, and one large table for food. Any ideas?

Amanda’s Reply:

You’ve got a great start! Gold and dark red are very classy colors. You can tie them together by having nice rich, dark red tablecloths on all the tables with some gold dinnerware … okay, we aren’t all millionaires, so gold-colored dinnerware 🙂

You can have a large table with a buffet-style dinner. You can also create the same feel as a wedding and have a head table for yourself and your closest friends. This way, if people want to toast you, there is a focused area where you are the center of attention.

For centerpieces you could use nice dark red roses in gold vases.

When you send out the invitations, you can ensure there is a dress code – make everyone dress right up – no better way to class up a party then suits and dresses!! This will give everyone the fun of getting all dolled up and it will make for a very classy party.

With the decorations, you can still use balloons; just don’t put out tons of them. Have a few red and gold balloons scattered around the room, or have two attached to each centerpiece. A nice touch would be to use ribbon in red and gold and hang it curled from the ceiling. And in the midst of it all, have some hanging lights.

If you are displaying the cake, make sure it is color-themed too. Maybe a red velvet cake and with gold frosting?? That would create a huge impact when it’s cut into.

You’re on your way to a great party and I hope these ideas helped! Please be sure to send us a comment with some pictures after the big day.
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