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Planning a 50th Birthday Party Step by Step

Are you looking for tips for planning a 50th birthday party step by step? I’ve got you covered. This post will go through having the best 50th celebration, ever.

Does planning a 50th birthday party sound overwhelming?

You want to make it perfect, and the most memorable party?

Want to throw the party of the year… or even the CENTURY?

No matter if you’re planning a 50th birthday party for a family member, a best friend, or yourself, you can have a blast planning such a memorable event.

With this step by step guide, we can assure you will be successful in planning a memorable party.

Step #1 – Planning a 50th Birthday Party Step by Step

Choose Your Theme and Your Budget

Before choosing your theme, consider your budget.  Money is a key factor when preparing to shop for a party.

First things first, decide how much you want to spend on the event. Then, divide your budget into sections depending on the amount you want to spend on each area.

For example: When planning a 50th birthday party, if the budget is $1000, divided as follows:

  • Party Favors: $200
  • Food and Drink: $400
  • Invitations: $100
  • Decorations: $200
  • Cake: $100

Your birthday theme can be anything – simple decorations or an elaborate theme with costumes and favors.

Take into consideration who the party is for and that person’s likes and interests; if they like certain colors, make the theme around those colors.

For ideas on a theme, check out this List of Party Themes.

Things to Brainstorm

Grab a piece of paper and let’s start brainstorming!

  • Does the birthday person have any hobbies or interests?
  • What does the birthday person like?
  • Would they rather a small intimate party, or large gathering? How about a surprise, or planned out with invitations and RSVPs?
  • How many guests will you have?
  • What kind of decorations do you want?
  • What kind of birthday cake? See pictures of birthday cake for ideas.

Take this time to be creative and have fun! For more theme ideas, check out our 50th Birthday Party Themes page for some great ideas.

Step #2 – Choose Your Venue

Once you have the creative juices flowing, consider where you want to have this party.

This is when you take into consideration:

  • How many people will be attending
  • What kind of setting you want
  • What season of the year it is
  • What activities you want at the party
  • What the birthday person would like

Here are a few ideas of places depending on the style of event you would like:

★ Formal – Country Club, Banquet Hall, Hotel, Party Rooms at Restaurants

★ Informal – Your own home, a beach, at camp, in the backyard

The possibilities for location are endless and it all depends on what type of party you are throwing and how many people will be invited.

Step #3 – Prepping all the details

Party theme? Check. ✓

Location?  Check. ✓

Budget? Check. ✓

Brainstorm? Check. ✓

Next up when planning a 50th birthday party … who do you want at your party?

Creating the Guest List

Take some time, sit down, and write out everyone you would like to attend. If the party is for you, this is easier. If the party is for someone else, think of the people they would like to share this special day with – and take into consideration anyone they may not want there.

Once you have this list, determine the number of people you wish to be there. (If the number doesn’t matter then move on to the next step). If you have too many on your list, go through the list and make the necessary cuts.

If you choose to use invitations, we can help you with 50th Birthday Invitations.

Step #4 – Scheduling the Big Day

Planning a 50th birthday party requires organization and the big day needs to be scheduled so you can make sure all your guests can attend.

It is always best to consider all of your guests.

It can be helpful to jot down everyone you wish to attend and beside each name make notes of their availability. This can give you a quick overview of what days are best.

Step #5 – Create a Shopping List

Who can argue with shopping!

This is the time you sit down and write out all the gifts and goodies you want to get. Create the list with your budget and theme in mind.

Things to consider for your list are invitations, party favors, games, food and drink supplies, decorations, etc.

To make sure your party planning goes without a hitch, you can use a party planning checklist and a party supply list. We’ve made some you can print for FREE!!

Free 50th Birthday Party Planning Checklist & Supply List

Choose what you want to serve for food and drinks. Take this time to decide how you want to serve alcohol – as a “bring your own” or “open bar” concept.

This is also the time you decide on the cake and what design you want to go with for a cake. You also know how many people will be attending so you can determine how much food you will need as well.

These few simple steps will be the blueprint for planning a 50th birthday party.

With these steps in hand, you can be very successful in planning a 50th birthday party and have the most memorable 50th birthday party ever!

Do you have any other tips for Planning a 50th Birthday Party Step by Step?