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Over the Hill & Funny 50th Birthday Themes

For funny 50th birthday ideas, you might want to use “over the hill” jokes or you might want to get borderline-morbid with it.

Would you go this far?

The “over the hill” or a funny 50th birthday theme is not only used for 50th birthdays, so feel free to use these for any age!

These themes can vary from a mild hint of “getting old” jokes to outright twisted and funny themes to really tell someone they’re getting old!

The key to making these themes work is knowing if your birthday “victim” is a good sport or if they are too conservative for this kind of fun.

Looking over the hill, it sure is steep!

It is for you to decide how far you want to go with the joke (and of course, how much of a good sport the birthday boy/girl is!)

We wouldn’t want them to walk into their party and cry. We want them to laugh and just shake their head (and plot their revenge.)   For you prankers out there, check out these 50th birthday pranks you might want to try.

“You’re Old Now”

With this theme you would play up the “you’re getting so old” idea. You would arrange things like:

  • Make the decorations with HUGE letters, visible to those with poor eye sight.
  • The beverages that would be set up at the tables would be prune juice.
  • In front of the bathroom have a pile of “Depends” available.
  • Arrange to have the party games be stuff like Bingo and knitting.
  • Get a bunch of knitted sweaters or lap blankets and place them on each chair, in case they are cold.
  • You can put denture holders, walking canes, or reading glasses at all the tables.
  • Have someone hover over them, carry their things for them, as if they aren’t capable anymore.
  • Offer them a back pillow.
  • Get a friend they don’t know to pretend to be a doctor or nurse that checks up on them periodically during the party, maybe checking blood pressure at “appropriate” times.

With this theme you would just have FUN, and always be on the alert for joke opportunities! All those things you remember seeing at your grandparents house, or a nursing home, should be at your party!

And this funny party theme can be done within another theme. For example, decorations could be black and gold, or themed around a hobby or their favorite sport from college, etc.

Over the Hill

This is a theme of hills. All about the impending descent that the birthday person is about to make.

Make the room look like hills are everywhere. Use a green color theme and have pictures of hills with a person just about the head down hill. You would have signs that say “It’s all down hill from here”.

For a cake, you can have it in the shape of a hill with a person on top heading down.

You might also be interested in another Over the Hill Party Idea and Over the Hill Party Games.

Themes for the Extremes

These next few ideas are the those that are not faint at heart and are really brave! These themes are a little twisted but could be a lot of fun for those that can handle the extreme funny 50th birthday themes!

  • Decorate like a funeral parlor.
  • Decorate like heaven, or hell if the person is or used to be a trouble maker.
  • Host the party at a nursing home.

These are just a few funny 50th birthday themes that you could use to have a fun birthday atmosphere.

Of course you can be creative and ideas from many themes.

If you decide to use any of these ideas, we hope you’ll let us know how it turns out.

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