Planning a Surprise Party

by Tracy

How do I go about planning a 50th birthday party as a surprise? It’s for my dad and he’s always around. I want it to be really special but need some tips on how to go about planning this.

Thanks! =)

Amanda’s Reply:

Hi Tracy!!

Great question! Seeing that it’s your dad’s birthday it would not be suspicious for you to take him out to do something he loves. For example, my dad loves fishing. For my dad’s surprise 50th birthday we had someone take him on a fishing trip (which is nothing out of the ordinary) while we set up the surprise. He just thought it was a great day to go fishing with his son and son-in-law. He had no clue that it was just a ploy to get him out of the campground.

So, think of something your dad likes, plan in advance and ask him if he wants to go with you. Tell him you would like to take him out for his birthday. He won’t suspect a thing! If you want to be involved in the decorating and events leading up to the party, have another family member do the honors of taking dad somewhere. In my case, I had my brother take dad out. This way I could help decorate and be there for the big surprise!!

The key to a great surprise is do NOTHING out of the ordinary! To be even more convincing, make sure to have people close to him casually mention that they have plans that day. Any sign of oddities and things out of the ordinary could clue him in that there’s something brewing. Keep your cool, and make sure everyone acts like nothing is happening. Now, don’t go to the point that you act like no one remembers his birthday, that too might cause raise suspicion. There is a balance to maintain to ensure the surprise is not ruined.

Seeing dad is always around, make sure everyone knows and maybe set up a code word or code sentence. For example, if someone is calling about the party, have them say something like “How was the weather today?” That could be the clue you need to move to another room or away from dad’s earshot.

Something else you can do is have a friend plan it. Choose someone you can trust not to ruin the surprise. This way you can go visit them to help the planning, and that ensures dad is not around.

Hope this helps! And let us know how the surprise goes 🙂 The key …. be sneaky … very, very sneaky!!

We do have some more information on planning surprise parties on here, so snoop around and see what other tips and tricks we’ve given – for the surprise party, or your gifts!
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