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The Best 50th Birthday Gifts For Sisters

Sisters are the best! They’re always there for you when you need them most, and they know just how to make your day better. It’s no wonder that many people have a hard time picking out gifts for their sisters on their 50th birthday because they want something that will make their sister feel special. So, I gathered a list of 50 amazing 50th birthday gifts for sisters (what a tongue twister!) and there are some great gift ideas that any sister in her 50s would love!

50th birthday decorations, and cake that says "fabulous at 50!"

50 Of The Best 50th Birthday Gifts For Sisters

How to choose a good present for your sister on her special day?

Sisters are special. We love them, and the 50th birthday is a special occasion, an important milestone, that needs not only to be celebrated in a special way, but it also deserves a thoughtful gift! But how do you know what is the best gift to get?

If you’re close to your sister, you probably already know the things she loves and will know just the perfect gift for her.

  • if you know of something she can’t quite decide she can spend her money on, but you just KNOW she’d love, get it for her, and it will be the perfect 50th birthday gift.
  • surprise her with a unique adventure (or relaxing) trip: a great way to spend time together, have a good laugh, play a card game, etc. time together is the best gift possible!
  • think of her hobbies and interests: what does she like doing in her spare time? Does she have any favorite TV shows or movies? Who are some of her favorite authors? This will give you an idea of what kind of things she likes so it’s easier to choose something from those categories.

1. Luxurious bubble bath set

Lollia Bubble Bath | Relax Body, Mind & Soul With A Fragrant Escape | Gentle & Moisturizing | Hydrating Ingredients | Perfect for All Skin Types

Facilitate the best way for her to celebrate her special birthday with a luxurious bubble bath bottle. What a fabulous 50th birthday idea!

2. 50th birthday time capsule

1971 Time Capsule - 50th Birthday Gift for Men and Women

Gift her this tube filled with fun stuff from her birth year that will bring back memories: from candy to trivia and old-time games, this is a unique 50th birthday idea that the birthday girl will love.

3. Engraved pencil set

Lizzo Quotes Lizzo Gift Engraved Pencil Set Gold Foil Pencil Set Inspirational Pencils Feminist Gift Women Empowerment Stocking Stuffer There are plenty of companies online that offer engraving services, including the likes of Etsy (find some great personalized pencils here), Amazon, Ebay, etc.

You can get creative here, by engraving:

  • special sayings
  • inside jokes
  • inspirational quote

4. Customized photo frame

Lifetime Creations Create Your Own Personalized Picture Frame: Engraved Custom Picture Frame (5" x 7" Landscape)Add a picture of the two of you and this will be a lovely gift she’ll treasure for years to come!

5. Handmade craft

If you’re looking for something truly original, then why not try making something yourself? The sky is the limit here, and here are a few ideas to get your imagination going (of course, if you’re not the crafty type, Etsy has a lot of already made crafts you can buy):

6. A unique piece of jewelry

Alex and Ani Because I Love You Sister Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet for Women, Woven Together Charm, Shiny Antique Silver Finish, 2 to 3.5 in

Although jewelry isn’t necessarily considered a “gift”, it still works extremely well as a birthday present. In fact, it tends to be one of my favorite ways to express myself through fashion. Whether you opt for a silver ring, gold necklace, diamond earrings, or even pendants, it will be a lovely gift.

7. Gift certificate for something special

Gift certificates are not the most creative gifts but adding a gift certificate for something special to your bigger gift can be a sensible way to make the gift more special.

8. Personalised stationery

Personalized Floral Stationery Set, Stationery for Women, Personalized Thank You Cards, Personalized Note Cards, Your Choice of Colors and Quantity

Personal stationery has become incredibly popular in recent years. From business cards to letterheads, your birthday lady will love having her own branded items with an exclusive design just for her.

9. Flower Bouquet

Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)

Flowers are another great gift choice. They come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning that you can find something suitable for almost any taste.

10. Luxury bathrobe

Plush Lined Microfiber Spa Robe - Unisex Luxury Hotel Bathrobe in White/Medium By Monarch/Cypress by Monarch/Cypress

At 50 years old, she deserves a bit of luxury.  Made from high-end materials such as silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, linen, these robes can give her a cozy hug every time she puts it on.

11. A pair of shoes

Cute diamond sandals and a bouquet of flowers

Shoe shopping can be fun, and at 50, she’s looking and feeling great! Go on a shoe shopping trip together and have fun trying on cute flattering shoes. This show shopping trip can be the highlight of her 50th birthday celebration 😉

12. An appreciation letter

a young woman writing in her journal sitting on the grass

Writing letters is a wonderful way to show appreciation towards those close to us and especially close family members. It doesn’t need to be lengthy either: short handwritten messages work perfectly fine.

If you’re a journal keeper, you might have journal entries that mention special things she did for you: pull those out and share them with her.

13. Handmade cardigan

a stack of handmade sweaters

Cardigans are becoming increasingly popular among women everywhere. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re also super warm during cold weather months. And a labor of love you’ll dedicate to your sister.

14. A favorite book

Reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you love books.  Books are inexpensive these days, so if you know what genre your sister likes, buy her a few. Or, maybe you want to get her that ONE limited edition book she’s been secretly wishing for all her life!

15. A handbag with lots of space

Women's Fashion Handbag Shoulder Bag Hinged Top Handle Tote Satchel Purse Work Bag with Matching Wallet (6-ostrich Brown Cosmetic Bag Set)

Bags tend to be quite versatile, and every woman needs a good size bag. Because of this versatility, bags are often seen as ideal presents for both men and women alike.

16. Backpack organizer

Yoillione Nylon Backpack Organizer Insert for Men and Women, Lightweight Travel Rucksack Insert with High Capacity, Large Bag Organizer with Zipper Pockets

If she likes a sporty look sometimes, gift her a backpack organizer. Backpacks can easily get messy if not organized properly, and backpack organizers help organize your belongings without taking up too much space in your pack.

17. Gift certificate for her favorite restaurant

gift certificate

You can (and maybe should) take your sister out to her favorite restaurant on her birthday. But why not also give her a restaurant gift certificate, so she can go again? A gift that keeps on giving!

18. New phone case

iFiLOVE for iPhone 12 Pro Max Bling Case, Girls Women 3D Luxury Sparkle Glitter Diamond Crystal Rhinestone Pumpkin Car Love Charm Pendant Protective Case Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inch (Clear)

Cell phone cases are extremely useful accessories, helping protect phones against scratches while adding personality to devices. Give her a fancy cellphone case.

19. Belgian chocolate

Melodi Assorted Belgian European Bulk Chocolate Candy Box Limited Edition - Boyfriend Presents for Women - Anniversary Suggestions for Him - Birthday Ideas for Friends Female, Teacher & Mom (36-Count)

YUM! Sweet treats are always a welcome gift. Belgian chocolates are a special gift she can enjoy one piece at a time, for weeks to come 😉

20. Wall Art

Bathroom Decor Canvas Wall Art Framed Wall Decoration Modern Gallery Wall Decor Print White Flower in Blue Bottle Theme Picture Artwork for Walls Ready to Hang for Kitchen Bedroom Decor Size 14x14

Paintings are beautiful works of art, which make great gifts for anyone. Find some wall art that fits in with her home decor and she’ll be reminded of your gift daily.

21) Fancy floral knife kit

The Pioneer Woman Sweet Romance 3-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set

Knives are essential kitchen tools, whether you use them to chop vegetables or cut meat. But a fancy knife set is a pleasure to work with. The above set will add a romantic tone to her kitchen.

22. Memories box

WaaHome Butterfly Wooden Treasure Boxes Decorative Jewelry Keepsakes Box for Kids Girls Women Gifts,Pink (7.1''X5.6''X4.7'')

What a cool gift! She can use this box to store small items such as jewelry, perfume bottles, pictures, trinkets, etc. Memories boxes come in different colors, various sizes, and shapes, and they even come in themes: pick up a wooden box you know will suit her best.

23. Sisters mug

Custom Sister Mug from Sister, Sister Coffee Mug with Names, Personalized Sisters Cups, Christmas or Birthday Gifts for Sister from Sister, Sister Moving Away Mug, 11 or 15 Oz

I LOVE this gift! A great way to remind her she has a sister whenever she needs her.

24. Set of house plants

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Bromeliad Plant Live Gorgeous Guzmania Indoor Houseplant, 6" Potted, Stunning Colors

Giving house plants as gifts has become very common in recent years, since they help brighten homes and offices. Another good idea for your sister’s birthday.

25. Laptop sleeve

Canvaslife Pink Rose Pattern 13 inch Canvas Laptop Sleeve with Pocket 13 inch 13.3 inch Laptop 13 case13 Sleeve

If she travels, a laptop sleeve is perfect for keeping her laptop or tablet safe. Pick a girly design to make her feel special!

More Of The Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Want more ideas? Not all gifts are perfect for every person, but these unique 50th birthday gifts might be the perfect ones for your sister’s birthday. You know bets, and hopefully, these ideas will spark the perfect gift idea for YOUR sister!

26. Clothesline hooks – perfect if she loves a more natural way of living. Hang clothes out to air dry instead of using electricity, and clotheslines hooks are simple yet effective solutions.

27. Tote bag – totes come in handy for storing things like keys, wallets, cellphones, makeup, etc. Give her a cute one, she can tuck away in her purse for whenever the need arises.

28. Water bottle carrier bag – bottles are convenient containers for water, soda, juice, sports drink mixes, etc., and a bottle carrier bag will make it easy for her to bring her water bottle along wherever she goes.

29) A BPA-free water bottle – convenient for carrying water every day.

30) Air purifier – as we age, we get more health-conscious, so this is a great gift for a 50-year-old.

31) Bluetooth speaker – get her a wireless one: much better because it won’t get tangled up.

32. A Workout DVD – DVDs offer exercise routines designed by professionals, and workout DVDs are portable and fun.

33) Self-care subscription box  – a monthly gift to remind her how special she is.

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box

34. Dry erase board – perfect to add to her office to remind her of things she needs to do.

35. Homemade bookmark – the perfect little reminder that you love her! Etsy has some really beautiful bookmarks for women!

36. Jigsaw puzzle – puzzles are relaxing pastimes, and jigsaws are among the easiest puzzles to put together.

37. Keychain light – a multipurpose tool that’s helpful in emergency situations such as a power outage, and could even help disorient an attacker using the strobe function.

38. Leather wallet – a practical little bag that holds all kinds of cards and cash, making it an excellent gift idea.

39. Post-it note pads – handy in so many situations! Always good to have a few in every nook and cranny.

40. Cookies – who doesn’t love cookies? Gift her a collection of specialty cookies to treat herself.

41. Funny sentiment candle – mark your sister’s special day with this funny sentimental candle.

42. Toiletries kit – put together a mini toiletry kit she can keep in her purse for those unexpected emergencies!

43. USB drive – always handy to have one of these in your purse. Give her one.

44. Yoga mat – a gentle encourager to keep herself in shape. This one has great reviews!

45. Pencil holder with phone standthis one is so adorable!

46. Customized pet portrait – if she has pets, this is a great gift! There are several Etsy sellers offering this.

47. Giraffe blowing bubble vase –  too adorable for works. She’ll love this on her table!

Giraffe Blowing Bubbles Creative Vase Decoration Ornaments Art Vase Artificial Flower Vase Dried Flower Vase Home Living Room Table Art Statue

48. How to do noting – a thought-provoking book she’ll enjoy. Available on Amazon.

49. Pop socket –  as we age, we stet dropping our phones, and your sister is probably doing it too. Give her a cute pop socket to keep her phone safe.

50. Silk eye mask –  finally, a beautiful, special gift for a sister you consider a princess: using this very night will help her sleep better and feel great!

With so many ideas, you’re sure to find something your sister would enjoy receiving for her birthday.

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