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Do’s & Dont’s

50th Birthday Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

Use our 50th Birthday invitation Do’s and Don’ts to make those perfect invites and RVSPs!! The invitation is the precursor to any special event, it sets the tone for the whole affair. These invitations work as a first impression for the upcoming event.

Use these DOs and DON’Ts to ensure your invitations provokes this reaction . . .


Before creating your invitations keep all of these in mind.

Tips for 50th Birthday Invitation Success


Match your invitations to your party theme.

If your theme is black and white, coordinate the invites in the same color scheme.


Include all necessary information.

Make sure to include the purpose of the event, the honoree, the date and time, name and location, who is hosting, appropriate attire, RSVP (if applicable).

If the location is far, or difficult to find, make sure to enclose a map or directions.


Include the zip code or postal code. This information is not needed for GPS or Google Maps, so why waste space?


Remember to proofread and proofread again! Nothing looks worse than sending your guests to the wrong address or misprinting the date!


Use abbreviations. Make sure you spell out road, street, state, etc.


Use third person when writing your invitations. For example, “John invites you to their 50th birthday.”

Should the party be an informal gathering, this rule is not extremely important.


Mention gift registries or mention anything that comes across as asking for gifts.

The only appropriate thing to mention is “No Gifts Needed” should that be the case.


Make sure the invites are mailed out in a timely manner.

A good guideline to follow is 2-4 weeks for an informal event; 7-10 weeks for a formal event.


Provide RSVP without a self addressed, postage paid envelope. If it’s not within your budget to provide pre-stamped RSVP cards, a more cost efficient option is email or phone.

Don’t make your guests pay to send back an RSVP.

Some other basic tips to remember:

  • Be prepared and on time with your invitations
  • Make simple and uncluttered invites
  • Use your theme and make the invites pop
  • Stick to your color theme, and make sure the invitations are bright and vibrant.
  • Make the guests want to be at the party.
  • Spell check, grammar check, and do it twice.
  • Make sure the date you choose is not on a holiday or a special event that will limit attendance to your party. Steer away from long weekends and keep in mind other major events like weddings.

Have fun, and make your milestone birthday invitation stand out! You will have a great turn out, and a party to remember.

We’ve also got some great sample birthday invitations you can use to help plan yours out.