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Top Reasons EVERYONE Needs Homemade 50th Birthday Signs

There are numerous reasons to need 50th birthday signs, the most common being that you’re having a party! Why spend money elsewhere when you can easily make your own, right at home?!

When traveling across town or from out-of-state to attend your party, guests attending may need to use your directional signs to find their way to your home or venue, especially if the route is somewhat confusing.

Why you need to have 50th Birthday Signs

While there are many reasons to have birthday signs made, here is one specific example of the importance of having signs.

Recently, I worked on a party set-up that was held in a local park.  Everyone knew where the park was, so that wasn’t a problem.  What was tough was finding the way to the correct pavilion once the people entered the park.

Our solution?  We set up numerous signs along the park route, positioned at the various forks in the road.  The arrows on our signs indicated which correct fork to take each time and guided our guests effortlessly to the party site.  Our guests were ever so grateful for the help!

How to Set Out Directional 50th Birthday Signs

If you’re planning on setting out directional “breadcrumb” signs as we did in the example above, it’s a good idea to do a trial run before creating them.

What this means is, you drive the route as though you’re a guest who’s never been to the location before.  Put yourself in your guest’s shoes, as a driver, and think of how to direct them.  For example, are there one-way streets or roundabouts that folks must navigate?

Anything that could cause confusion should be worked out so navigation is simple.  Calculate the number of signs you’ll need and what they should say, which way the arrows should point–everything.  Draw a crude map, if you need to, to help you visualize things.

Once you’ve made a complete list, create the signs accordingly.  When it comes time to post them, the set-up will be a breeze.  Once you do post them, do another trial run, putting yourself in your guests’ shoes to make sure the route is clear.  Correct any mistakes as needed.

Done properly, 50th birthday signs can add a lot to your party by starting off with stress-free directions for your guests. It works great!

Don’t Let your 50th Birthday Signs Give it Away

This may seem obvious, but do not post signs along the road to the party location if it’s a surprise party! It may give the surprise away!! If it’s a surprise party, you can use  50th birthday signs at the venue to help decorate.



Other Reasons for Birthday Signs

Another need for birthday signs is to decorate the yard at the birthday party location. If there’s no yard involved, you may need to decorate an office or cubicle at work.

Whatever you do, make sure to attract lots of attention so everyone knows their birthday person is having a big Five-Oh birthday! Put out something outrageous with the signs to call attention, like hot-pink flamingos, for example.

50th birthday signs are a great way to let the world know about this special 50th birthday, so be creative and have fun with them!

Making Your Own 50th Birthday Signs

If you’re hand-making your sign(s), it’s as simple a process as getting some poster board and markers.  They sell these items at places like Walmart or office supply stories – even at the grocery store, in some cases.

You can jazz up your sign with crafty items, like glitter, streamers, paint, etc.

Your birthday signs can also be taped up in different areas of the party place or attached to a stake and placed along the road to the venue. To help make these signs stand out, you can buy a few helium balloons and attach them.

To attach the poster board to a stake, use a staple gun.  You can find stake poles at garden center stores, usually near the tomato cages and vegetable seeds.

Get Creative with your 50th Birthday Signs

If you want to say something beyond “Happy 50th, Bob!” and need inspiration on what to put on your sign, check out my page here on 50th birthday sayings.  You’ll find some great sayings to put on your birthday signs.

You can also use free clipart to create fun signs to make people laugh. This will set the tone for the rest of the party, too.


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