Parents 50th

by Alex
(NSW, sydney, Grays Point)

How do I plan both my parents party (50th) without them knowing?

Amanda’s Reply:

Hi Alex!

Surprises are fun, but sometimes not the easiest things to plan. You would have to be kind of stealthy and get in touch with all your parents’ friends to invite them. Always make sure to tell their friends it is a SURPRISE and not to ruin it. Most people love being involved in surprise parties and never give away the secret.

We have had another very similar question, you can also see what kind of tips we gave them.

Planning a Surprise Party
To evade your parents from suspicion, plan a family outing the day of the “party” and have someone unsuspecting take them for dinner or to a show, or their favorite hobby. While they are gone, get prepared so when they return home … SURPRISE!!!

That’s usually the best way to do it. If you are planning to have it at a venue other than their home, you can plan an intimate family dinner for their birthday and when you get there SURPRISE all their friends are there too!

There are a variety of ways you can set up the scheme to be sure to surprise. We have created a number of different rouses to evade suspicion. Check out our 50th birthday party idea page for a great plan of attack!

We’ve had a lot of people wondering how to plan that perfect event – I even wonder it sometimes! I did plan a surprise for my dad, so you could always check out my story. It was a great event and my dad was very surprised! He didn’t suspect a thing!

Hope all goes well and feel free to ask us any more questions you have along the planning journey!

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