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Over the Hill Party Ideas

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These Over-the-Hill party ideas are great for any age! Use them to celebrate aging! When we say “over the hill” everyone thinks we have to make fun of being old.

Sometimes, yes, it’s a blast to poke fun, but other times it’s just as fun to be able to celebrate the age… in a good way. The birthday person has experienced a heck of a lot of life and their life needs celebration!

You can make over the hill party ideas that either poke fun at them (in a fun loving way) or celebrate the many years of their life.

Do you want to risk the inevitable revenge? Maybe being disowned as a family member? Engage, don’t offend!

Here are some great over the hill party ideas that will be sure to get a laugh, and maybe a little backlash from the guest of honor!

Now, here are some over the hill party ideas that won’t get you disowned from your friends or family. Instead, these party ideas embrace their age and celebrate all teh years they have lived and all the years to come!

“In Memory Of…”
This may sound like an obituary card, and that’s the point really… make them scared of the rash of pranks. But in all actuality this theme is all about the guest of honor. It’s in memory of them, even though they are still alive and kicking!

For this theme, the decorations are all about the guest of honor. It could be a number of different things like:

– pictures of them from different ages in their lives
– Create a hill on the wall with pictures of the person as they are growing up… and on the top of the hill a recent picture
– Get balloons with their pictures on it
– Put their pictures on the napkins, plates
– have pictures that have stories written under them (or on the back) from their life, like funny stories, and memories.
– Get a picture of them printed on the cake

theme is pretty much everything about the guest of honor. It shows that special person that it is great to be 50 and all the great memories they have created. It’s one of the great over the hill party ideas that won’t poke fun at their age, but instead celebrate it.

To make this theme even more sentimental, you could ask everyone to bring one thing as a gift for that person that reminds them of the guest of honor. With this gift have them write down why this reminds them of the birthday person. Here are some examples:

Bring a framed picture of a great memory you shared with the person. Buy a frame that is bigger then the picture so you can add in a nice paragraph explaining why you loved that memory.

If you have an inside joke or pet name for the person, bring something that signifies it. Like, if you always call the person Tiger, bring a stuffed tiger for them.

Maybe there is something they do constantly that makes you laugh, like maybe they always trip over their shoelaces because they are always untied. You can bring them the spiral shoelaces that do not require to be tied up.

Another idea instead of memento gifts, you can have everyone write a short speech as well. Check out our guide to great 50th Birthday Speeches

Is shopping for gag gifts out of your budget?? If you need some great ideas with little cost, we also have some awesome ideas for gag gifts for 50th birthday that will cost little to nothing to give!!

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