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Best 50th Birthday Gift

The best 50th birthday gift is one that best matches the personality of the receiver, has a great wow-factor, and is memorable. Here are rules and ideas.

A few rules to follow when choosing the best birthday gift: It should not be related to chores. So, a new vacuum cleaner, no matter how nice it is, is not the best birthday gift. Neither is a new weed whacker.

But it can be related to a favorite hobby.

A sewing machine would be a great gift for someone who is learning to sew for fun, but a not-so-good choice for someone who would only use it for mending clothes for the family.

It should not require additional purchases.

This means batteries should be provided along with the gift if they are needed, for example.

A sewing machine should come with enough thread to start a project, and maybe a few other items if the recipient is just getting started.

If your soon-to-be 50-something person has a favorite hobby, you might be able to choose a terrific gift related to it.

If it’s someone you don’t live with, ask someone close to them for ideas. Remember, this is the time for dreams not needs, so it needs to be more fun than practical.

Another factor in choosing a 50th Birthday gift is your relationship to the birthday person. If you are a close family member, your gift can be more intimate than a gift from a work friend.

Gift Ideas Under $100 for Him

If you’re buying a gift for a friend or relative, some ideas for a man’s 50th birthday gift include personal tools, such as a “Leatherman” tool or Swiss army knife, a personalized money clip, or a personalized flask.

Gift Ideas Under $100 for Her

Jewelry comes in all price ranges and can usually make a nice gift for her. Other 50th birthday gift ideas for her could be perfume, a beautiful jewelry box, or a music box that plays her favorite song.

When budgeting for gifts, don’t forget to include the costs of gift packaging for such an important occasion. This is one where you don’t want to skimp.

Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Think about what your special guy is into, such as sports, outdoor activities, music, golf, or whatever makes him unique.

Ideas could be collectibles or commemorative items related to his interests and hobbies.  For example, a signed baseball, if baseball is his thing.

Or a signed poster by a favorite musician, perhaps from a concert he attended.  You might find these items on eBay or at a local specialty business.