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Carnival Party Supplies

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On this page you’ll find out where to get carnival party supplies for the 3 types of carnival theme party plans described on that page, namely traveling carnival, Mardi Gras, and Venice Carnival.

Any of these 3 themes will make a memorable 50th birthday party, without a doubt!

This is a fairly long page, and if you’re only interested in a particular type of carnival, you can skip right to it.

The first section is about supplies for the Traveling Carnival theme.

If you want to skip down to supplies for a Mardi Gras theme, click here.

To skip down to the Venice Carnival theme, click here.

Traveling Carnival Party Supplies

For the traveling carnival version, you’ll need to find vendors who will deliver and setup the rides, games, and food services you want to provide for your carnival party.

Depending on your budget, you might want one of each type, or you might want something even bigger.

As I was researching this information, it seemed to me that this theme was a lot less expensive than I expected, but I didn’t have the delivery cost information, so that might not be the case in reality.

But before we get into the equipment, here are some of the smaller carnival party supplies you might need starting with clown costumes.

Next we have carnival party decor and carnival party supplies.

If you’re having your carnival theme party inside, you could set the mood with posters and artwork showing carnival scenes.

If you’re serving food yourself, consider using carnival themed boxes.

Carnival Rides and Games

To find carnival vendors for rides and games, I searched for “event planning carnival rides” or something similar.

There was one website that seemed to be a good resource as a directory of festivals and festival vendors.

Their website is

To give you an idea of the costs involved for this theme, one vendor provided pricing for their equipment, but it doesn’t include transportation fees, so the closer you are to the vendor, the more you can save.

Supplies for a Mardi Gras Carnival

From The Party Works, you can get a 5 foot wall decoration image of a Mardi Gras float.

For Mardi Gras Carnival party supplies, there are several vendors that have just what you would need for this party theme.
Print your own Mardi Gras party games: Masquerade, or choose from the Mardi Gras games assortment pack.
Gotta have the trinkets for a Mardi Gras celebration!

The Party Works also has Mardi Gras themed table decorations and balloons as well as beads, favors, and other party accessories.

At, you can find a nice variety of costumes for a really fun Mardi Gras party.

Or, theatrical quality costumes can be rented or purchased from companies who provide costumes to schools and theaters. Search for “theatrical costumes rental” to see what’s available in your area.

Mardi Gras Party Invitations

Give guests a preview of your party plan with a colorful and descriptive party invitation. If this one isn’t just right, check these Mardi Gras invitations.

For your Venice Carnival party, you can plan a full blown masquerade party or you can just create an atmosphere of Venice and offer your guests masks to wear for fun.

Either way, we have ideas for finding just the right supplies for an amazing Venetian theme party.

Supplies for a Venice Carnival

For your Venice Carnival party, you can plan a full blown masquerade party or you can just create an atmosphere of Venice and offer your guests masks to wear for fun.

Either way, we have ideas for finding just the right supplies for an amazing Venetian theme party.

In this section, you’ll find costumes, masks, invitations, and decor items for creating a Venice Carnival theme.

Venetian Costumes and Masks

For Venice Carnival parties, the focus is on the costumes.

For the supplies shown below, you can click the link or the image to see more information from the suppliers.

At Halloween Mart, you can find costumes to fit a Venice Carnival Party theme.

If you’re looking for more realistic and authentic looking costumes, search for “theatrical costumes rental” to find companies that rent as well as sell theater quality costumes.

And to top them off, these gorgeous masks, and more.

Will you choose blue, royal purple, or pink
for your masquerade outfit?



Interested in creating your own designs for a Venice Carnival costume? Here are blank masks as a starting point.

Ruffles, lace, and gold accents make these masks and fans perfect for a

Venetian Carnival theme.

Venetian Decor Ideas

To create the atmosphere of Venice, use a mural as a backdrop for your party.

Posters work well, too for creating an atmosphere of Venice.

Room divider with a Venice scene for a great background.


Make your invitations as fancy as your party!

Be sure to tell your guests what the party is about, who is hosting it, when and where, and how to contact you.

If you want to include extra information, just add a personal note inside or along with the printed invitation.

I’ll add to this page, so check back again soon.

I may be adding carnival theme invitations and table supplies to help you with all aspects of your carnival party supplies.

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