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Best 50th Birthday Party Theme Comments

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On this “best 50th birthday party theme” comments page, you’ll find the answers to four requests for theme ideas submitted by readers via the Ask An Expert page. If you are planning a 50th birthday party, you might get an idea for a perfect theme here, too.

But if you’ve read these and other ideas around the site and are still stuck for the best 50th birthday party theme for your event, tell us a little about your birthday person and we’ll try to give you more ideas.

Sports and Action Guy – Action Hero Party

If he’s a big fan of action movies and super hero movies, you can always theme the party to that. Have a super hero party.

If you want to be goofy, you can ask everyone to dress up as their favorite super hero! To have even more fun, you can play on the age and have everyone dress up as their favorite super hero at 50 years old. Or create posters of all the famous super heroes and how you think they would look at 50!

Another idea could be to have a sports theme. Incorporate his favorite sports as games to play at the party. If his favorite sport it soccer, have everything soccer: Have a soccer ball-shaped cake, buy white balloons. Then take a black marker and draw the hexagon shapes to make them look like soccer balls. The color theme could be black and white.

Fishing and Fix-it Guy

We have a couple of ideas for this one.

First, think about an outdoor venue around the fishing theme. Find a fishing spot that’s near a campground or cabins. Rent a campsite (or two) or a cabin for your party. Make arrangements for a fishing buddy to take him fishing “at a new spot” in the evening. Of course, the buddy knows where you’ll be for the party and will make sure the birthday boy gets there after the fishing.

With this plan, you can decorate and choose invitations to match the fishing theme.

Another idea would be to plan a costume party theme since his birthday is in October. This might be a good way to get your quiet guy to try on another persona behind a mask.

Spanish Theme Surprise Party

For this one, we think an elegant dinner party with Spanish food and drink is called for. Find the best Spanish restaurant in your area and have them provide the meal a an advanced catering/takeout order, if you want to host the gathering at home. (An alternative would be to have it at their restaurant.)

The restaurant should be able to suggest Spanish wines to serve, too. Or you could opt for Spanish cocktails.  Ask around to find a guitarist who could provide the Spanish music in person. Check with local music stores to find the right musician.

You may need to try a few different music stores to find the talented contacts you seek. Describe the type of music you want, too. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for an audition, in person or via recording, so you can be sure you’re getting someone good.

All-Business Guy

What about a poker party theme for your all-business guy? Ladies can play at the same tables with the guys or you could separate guys from girls.

The one big rule?  Couples are not allowed to sit together.

You could take the poker party into a mobster theme or go Bonnie and Clyde-style and have everyone dress accordingly.

Hire someone to be the barmaid or barkeep to keep drinks and appetizers available.

The Best 50th Birthday Party Theme
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