Any 50th B-Day Party Themed Drinks?

by Paul
(Park Ridge, NJ USA)

I’m having my 50th birthday party and along with catered food, I will have my normal wide assortment of beers and wines. However, are there any 50th B-day party cocktails that I can feature in addition to what I am already providing?

Hi Paul,

Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful birthday party.

There are a couple of ways you can turn a normal cocktail into a 50th birthday themed cocktail. Just spin it to make it yours. Or choose several different types with the theme being obviously about being 50, with some being slanted towards women, and others towards men.

Be 50 Too

For example, why not take a B-52 cocktail and make it a “Be 50, Too!” You could make a little sign advertising your theme cocktail and have the ingredients nearby for everyone to make their own.

Here’s a sample sign:
Sign for your theme drink station

A B-52 cocktail is an ounce each of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Grand Marnier, shaken with ice, then strained into a rocks glass.

Fifty? Fifty!

There is another cocktail called Fifty-Fifty which is just 1 1/2 ounces each of gin and dry Vermouth, shaken with ice and strained into a cocktail glass.

A few more ideas

Here are a few drink names you could turn into a theme:

Golden Screw
Vodka, dash of bitters, orange juice

Brain Eraser – drink in one shot through a straw
1 oz vodka, 1/2 oz Kahlua, 1/2 oz amaretto, club soda

De Rigueur
1 1/2 oz whiskey, 3/4 oz grapefruit juice, 1 tsp honey

After Five – make it After Five Oh (shooter)
1/3 oz Kahlua, 1/3 oz peppermint schnapps, 1/3 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

Golden Dawn – 1 1/2 oz gin, 1/2 oz OJ, 2 tsp apricot brandy

Golden Daze – same as Golden Dawn, but double OJ and brandy

Golden Dream -2 oz Galliano, 1 oz white creme de cacao, 1 oz cream, 1/2 oz orange juice, dash of triple sec

Golden Fizz – 1 oz gin, 2 oz sour mix, egg yolk, 1 oz club soda

I hope these ideas help you. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Happy 50th Birthday!


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