50th Birthday Party Decorations and Tips

Searching for 50th birthday party decorations?  Well, 50th birthday parties are a special event, but not everyone can afford to go all out and have their every desire.

Then again, some of us may be able to afford what they want, but have almost zero free time.

50th birthday party decorations on a time or money budget!

This doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great party!

A party is what you make of it and the people that are there – and this can be done with very little expense or time from you, by following the tips on this page.

Time Saving Tip:

Order Online

By spending just a little time choosing a party theme, you can choose coordinated items from online stores instead of running all over town spending precious time searching for the perfect decorations.

Streamers, lights, table decorations, favors , whew! So much to do so little time!

You may want to start your theme by choosing a color scheme, such as gold, fuschia, mango, or white, depending on the mood and the guest of honor, male or female…

All of these are available online:

  • Gifts and Favors in Gold
  • Shop By Color – Fuschia Pink Decorations
  • Shop by Color – Mango Orange Decorations
  • Dress up your party with gorgeous twinkling string lights

Money Saving Tip #1:

Dollar Store

One option for cheap 50th birthday party decorations is the dollar store. The dollar store was one of the greatest inventions, in my opinion. They carry a variety of all the decorations you need and at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is stick to a basic color theme and shop! Pretty easy work!

You can pick up things like:

  • Streamers – they come in rolls of like fifty feet and usually only cost $1-2
  • Balloons – you just need to hire someone to blow them up – grandkids or kids work great!
  • “Happy Birthday!” banners – these are not personalized to the say “50” on them, but still work great for decorating.
  • You can even take a marker or some cut out construction paper and make a “50” and glue it on. Ingenuity always help save money!
  • Ribbons – these work great for your balloons or even as some extra decorations around the party area. To make these work similar to streamers buy a large quantity of streamers and tie a bunch together. Take a pair of scissors and run the blade along the ribbon so it gets curly. If you do this to a bunch of ribbons and put them together you get little bundles of curly colorful decorations!

Money Saving Tip #2:

Saving $ On Balloons

Now something else to help save some money. You can buy the balloons at the dollar store, rather than a party store – as they are always slightly more expensive at the party store. Then you just rent a helium tank and blow them up. You can also buy small one use helium tanks at places like Walmart. Or another option is going to a store and paying per balloon for them to be blown up (usually not too expensive on a per balloon price).

If the dollar store is not even an option, then don’t fret! There is always something that you can do to throw a great party – just a little extra creativity and ingenuity to get it done!

Money Saving Tip #3:

Homemade 50th Birthday Party Decorations

To create signs and banners for your 50th birthday, break out the construction paper, markers and scissors! You can cut letters out of construction paper and glue them on a piece of bristol board. Use the markers to draw on little pictures to jazz it up some more.

It’s time for a little arts and crafts – get creative! Its not only great for teh gifts and cards – its great for the decoartions as well – and saves you cash!

You can use your computer and print out letters (to spell out whatever you like – Happy 50th Birthday for example). Put one letter on each sheet and use markers to color around them once they are printed. Then you just need to tape them to the wall and spell out your saying.

Use construction paper and scissors to cut out big balloons, birthday cakes, presents, and any other birthday symbols. Again these can easily be taped to the walls.

If you want birthday hats for everyone to wear (or just the birthday boy/girl), this is easy too. Get a piece of bristol board, decorate it with markers and sparkles, etc. Cut the paper into a half moon. Roll it so the to ends of the moon meet and tape or glue it. Instant party!!

These are just a few ideas of inexpensive ways to make for a great party with some fun 50th birthday party decorations.

But remember, even if these are out of your finances – a great party is what you make of it.

Good friends, good laughs, and a lot of love!!