50th birthday in Jan 2012

by Pete
(Brooklyn, NY)

My wife will be turning 50 in Jan 2012. I want to throw her a party. She is the type who loves a loud, wild environment with plenty of dancing, drinking, and food. She has lots of friends and business acquaintances, so there could be upward of 60 people there, if not 75. The party must be in Manhattan, as this is central for everyone invited. The cake and gift I can do, as I know what she likes, but looking for some cool ideas. The budget is $5000.

Amanda’s Reply:


You can rent a nice hall or rent out a lounge. I am not familiar with the New York area, but I’m sure you may have some places in mind.

Make the dress code a black tie affair. This will allow her and all her friends to dress for the best. Every girl loves getting all dolled up. She can get her hair done, her nails done, even her make up done. If you wanted, you could always throw that in as part of the gift – a day of pampering before her party. Having this style of dress code is very classy and a great excuse for her to get pampered beforehand and dress like a princess. With this dress code you could always buy her a nice tiara. This will definitely make her look and feel like a princess.

Make it a night all about her! Have everyone dress like it’s the queen’s birthday. This will give her a sense of how special she is.

You can also rent a limo for her. If the budget can cover, have the limo drive her around town getting pampered all day – either with you by her side or her closest friends. Then once she is all beautiful and ready, have the limo drop her off at the venue. To make it extra special you can have all the guests at the door, and a red carpet laid out for her – just like the stars at a big event.

Hope it goes well, any other questions during your planning process give us a shout!!!

Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday to Her!!
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