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50th Birthday Greetings

We’ve got plenty of ideas for great 50th birthday greetings. Now, if you have made you own 50th birthday card, you may be stuck with the question of …

“What should I write inside the card??”

These birthday greetings will give a nice touch to these cards! Even if you are buying a card, you still want something funny or touching to write inside. It’s always touching to add more than just a generic Happy Birthday… Especially on their big 5-0!

These 50th birthday greetings are not limited to be used in cards, you can also use them in thinks like:

      • speeches
      • cakes
      • t-shirts
      • keychains
      • invitations
      • and more! The possibilities are endless!

Over the years I have come across many different birthday greetings, and so I thought I would put them all together here… you can look through them and see if any fit perfectly for you!

NOTE: Just like some of my other pages, these greetings were not all my own creations… I have stumbled upon these throughout the years. If any of these are yours and you would like credit for them, please feel free to contact me and I will be sure to give you the dues for the greeting, I can also remove if I am violating any copyright laws.

Let’s party like it’s _____ (enter their year of birth)!!

Ain’t it nifty, look who’s fifty!

You’re 50! Isn’t it great! Let’s celebrate!

Now that you’ve got the gold, you can share it with me!

Still fabulous at 50!

Celebrating my 24th birthday for the 26th time!

It’s your 50th birthday, let me be the first to congratulate you!

50 is a great age! Old enough to know better.

50! Oh no, it’s the F word!

Only 50, hahaha! In cat years you would be a hundred and twelve!

Took me 50 years to look this good!

50 – cleverly disguised as a responsible adult

27 years ago, I was thinking “in 16 years I’m going to be 30!”

Half a century young!

18,263 days old but who’s counting!

These are just a few of the many different 50th birthday greetings that are out there. As I come across more I will be sure to add on to this list to give you the most variety that I can!

As mentioned, these can be used in a number of different things.