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Fondant Cakes

Fondant Birthday Cakes – Your Essential Guide Have you tried making fondant birthday cakes yet? Over the years while my kids were growing up I loved planning their parties and especially the cakes to go with them.  Until a few years ago I was limited to cream style frosting decorating techniques… Then I discovered how …

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Cake Recipes

50th Birthday Cake Ideas and Recipes Every great party needs tasty 50th birthday cake recipes! The birthday cake is always a highlight of any party, so you need to make sure this cake not only looks good but also tastes good too! Like they always say don’t judge a book by its cover – if …

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Fun 50th Birthday Cake Ideas (With Images)

Are you looking for fun and creative 50th birthday cake ideas?  Well, look no further because the ideas on this page should give you some valuable inspiration.  I’ve also linked to some other pages on the site, so you can explore those as well. You’ll get ideas you can use or brainstorm for your own …

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