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9 Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Are you here because you ran a web search for “best birthday gifts for boyfriend“? If so, you’re in the right place. I completely understand what it’s like to get stuck when trying to decide on the best gift for your boyfriend. And when a plain gift card won’t do and you want something very unique and special, you need to know where to begin. Choosing a gift for someone you are very close to, like a boyfriend or a spouse, can sometimes feel harder than gifts for anyone else.

man holding a gift box

You really want to get it right and you want the gift to be something he truly enjoys. You want it to convey all the feelings you have for them and you want him to enjoy his very special day. That can feel like a lot of pressure to get it right. But don’t worry because now that you’re here, I’m able to help you out.

I’ve searched the internet and uncovered 9 great birthday gifts for your boyfriend and I’ve also compiled some tips to help you know how to choose the perfect gift for that special man in your life.

Let’s stop beating around the bush and get you started with a gift that will remind him that you care every month, and not just on his birthday month.

Tips for Choosing a Great Gift for Your Boyfriend

When you want to get your boyfriend something extra special to show him how much you care for him for his birthday, here are some tips to help.

  1. Think of some things he always wants to do but rarely gets to do
  2. What does he like to do in his free time?
  3. How does he enjoy spending his time with you?
  4. How does he enjoy spending his time with his friends?
  5. What are some of his favorite hobbies?

These are just a few birthday gift idea starters to help you personalize a perfect gift for your boyfriend on his special day.

1. Tickets to a game or show

game tickets

You might get him tickets to his favorite sporting team, band, or other show or event as a birthday gift. You can make this birthday gift extra special if you go with him, or let him have a boys’ night out with the guys if you’re not into whatever he’d want to go see.

This can be the perfect birthday gift for the man in your life. It’s a great choice for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, and also for a milestone birthday. in addition to tickets to his favorite game or show, you can also purchase memorabilia, autographed collectibles, or other items to make it unique and special.

2. Rechargeable electric massage gun

Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun, USB Rechargeable Handheld Electric Massager for Athletes Percussion Device, Super Quiet 6 Speed High-Intensity Vibration Messager with 4 Message Heads

Want another birthday gift idea for your boyfriend? Here’s another gift you can use as well as the birthday boy. Electric massage guns provide deep tissue kneading and are excellent for pain relief. They also make great stress relievers. When your man has sore muscles from playing or working too hard, he’ll love that you gave him this gift.

There are a lot of versions of massage guns. Make sure you get one that’s rechargeable. Your boyfriend won’t have to buy expensive batteries to keep it going, and rechargeable versions don’t have a pesky cord that needs to be plugged in and always seems to get in the way. Look for one that’s lightweight and has multiple massaging heads for the best performance.

3. Personalized engraved wooden quartz watch

BOBO BIRD Mens Personalized Engraved Wooden Watches, Stylish Wood & Stainless Steel Combined Quartz Casual Wristwatches for Men Family Friends Customized Watch (Custom 1)

Amazon is a great place to find birthday gifts. If you’re looking for cute gifts or a special boyfriend gift, here’s another great idea. A recent search on Amazon for “best birthday gifts for boyfriend” turned up this gem. It has an almost perfect 4.8-star customer satisfaction rating (out of a possible 5.0 stars).

More than 1,800 previous buyers absolutely rave about this watch. They talk about how much their boyfriend or husband or son loves this gift. There are a few reasons why this makes a perfect choice for your boyfriend’s birthday. First off, it’s unique. It’s a watch made of wood and stainless steel. It’s also practical because, well, it’s a watch. And it looks great. Oh yeah, did I mention its price tag won’t strain your gift-giving budget?

I almost forgot one of the most important features. You can personalize it with a special message on the back of the watch. That personalization doesn’t cost any extra, either. This is a great birthday present for your boyfriend for so many reasons.

4. Barbecue grill tool set

Taimasi 34Pcs BBQ Grill Accessories Tools Set, 16 Inches Stainless Steel Grilling Tools with Carry Bag, Thermometer, Grill Mats for Camping/Backyard Barbecue, Grill Tools Set for Men Women

Is your boyfriend the kind of man who loves cooking on an outdoor grill? If so, this is a no-miss gift for his birthday or any other day of the year. It’s an especially good selection if his current barbecue grilling tools and accessories look better suited for the trashcan rather than coming into contact with food.

There are so many different sets to choose from online. You can find companies that allow you to personalize the toolset. They come in a wide range of prices with different numbers of tools, made from different materials. Consider spending a little more and getting grilling tools that are stainless steel. They’ll stand the test of time and look great for years to come.

5. Message in a bottle romantic messages

Message in a Bottle Romantic for Boyfriend or Girlfriend (50PCS) Pre-Written Love Capsules Letters in Plastic Jar Perfect for Anniversary, Valentines, and Long Distance Relationships

There are plenty of companies that make this inexpensive gift. One we recommend is made by MessagePillCo and is available on Amazon. It’s actually an official Amazon’s Choice selection for the search term “love gift”. You get a container of 50 romantic messages so this is a gift that keeps on giving long after your boyfriend’s birthday is over.

The individual messages are contained in small capsules. You just give your boyfriend a romantic message whenever the mood hits or whenever he looks like he might be feeling down.

As a bonus, you get a Prescription for Love card that tells him just how to use this unique gift. You can also try something a little different and give him the entire bottle of 50 messages at once. Then he comes to you as needed for some romantic healing.

6. Electronic language translator

Vavus Language translator device - Sim Card, WiFi & offline translation - 109 languages and dialects, Bluetooth for earbuds, two-way Voice, text and photo translation – 60 Min Audio Recording (silver)

A lot of guys love consumer electronics. Just about every male above the age of 14 has a smartphone. Your guy probably spends time on the computer and/or a tablet and has other electronic devices he uses frequently.

That’s what makes this the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Guys love gadgets and electronics. This fits the bill on both points. It’s a small, hand-held language translator. Your boyfriend just speaks whatever he wants to be translated into the device after choosing a particular language. In just a second or two, the translator interprets what he said into the intended language.

This is obviously a great gift if your boyfriend travels frequently or just wants to teach himself a new language. Look for one that can handle multiple languages and is rechargeable rather than battery-powered.

7. Double cotton hammock with space-saving steel stand

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Tropical (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry Bag Included)

You can get hammocks just about anywhere, online or off. There are literally thousands of choices. The problem is that many of them don’t support enough weight for two people. That means you and your boyfriend can’t enjoy some cuddle time together. Also, hammocks can take up a lot of space.

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand solves both of those problems. It supports up to 450 pounds while taking up less space than most hammocks that come with a stand.

The steel stand is heavy-duty and will last for years, and so is the cotton hammock. A carry bag is included, and this hammock has a staggering 21,000 reviews on Amazon with a nearly perfect 4.8 customer satisfaction rating.

8. Essential compendium of dad jokes

The Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes: The Best of the Worst Dad Jokes for the Painfully Punny Parent: 301 Jokes!

This is the perfect gift if your boyfriend is a father or just likes telling corny jokes. If you haven’t heard of dad jokes, there’s a simple description. They’re not always funny but will always get a reaction of some kind from the joke teller’s audience.

You can find these jokes just about anywhere. You can spend a lot of time surfing the web or just pick up The Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes on Amazon. It’s available as a digital Kindle book, an audiobook, or in hardcover. It’s marketed as “The Best of the Worst Dad Jokes for the Painfully Punny Parent”. With 301 jokes in all, your boyfriend will never run out of cringe-worthy joke material, complete with illustrations.

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9. Best birthday gift for boyfriend – a weekend getaway

young couple enjoying a weekend getaway

This is going to set you back more money than the rest of the gifts on this list. Your boyfriend will love it if he’s a hard-working guy that could enjoy some downtime. Give him the gift of a weekend getaway for two and you both enjoy the romantic benefits.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend – Conclusion

While these are all great ideas, you really can’t go wrong with any gift that shows you really care about him. In fact, the thought of getting him a gift in itself is something he will appreciate. You can plan some special time together, cook him his favorite meal or take him to his favorite restaurant for a night out, or do anything else sweet that you know he would enjoy.

The best gift is one that comes from your heart. Think about the things your boyfriend likes. Give him something you know he’ll appreciate, even if it might not be something you’re interested in. If we had to pick a favorite on this list, we’d go with the Message in a Bottle Romantic Messages. It’s unique, it leads to romantic bonding time, you both benefit and it fits just about any budget.

9 best birthday gifts for boyfriend