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Gift for Mom, Dad and Spouse

50th Birthday Present

Birthday gifts can be difficult to purchase but a 50th birthday present even more so! This is a special year, and the gift needs to be PERFECT!!

Check out these great birthday present ideas!

We have many pages of general gift ideas and many of those will work for pretty much anyone you need to buy 50th birthday presents for.

But, maybe you are looking for a specific style of gift for someone very special to you, like Mom or Dad… maybe even for your husband or wife.

Well, look no further! We have ideas for everyone!

Gifts for moms, dads, husbands and wives need to be extra special because these people are extra important to all of us.

It is great to celebrate the lives of those closest to you.

50th birthdays are special for anyone, but its always nice to make them extra special for your parents or spouse – they deserve a little extra time and attention when getting them a birthday present!

50th Birthday Presents for Mom:

We call her many names – mom, mommy, momma, mother, and a few more colorful ones during more difficult days!

She gave birth to you, and raised you, and made you into the person you are.

Celebrate all of that and more with these great ideas for mom’s present.

Mom’s like sentiment and meaning in gifts, so a basic card and 20 bucks won’t cut it this year.  See this page for tons of ideas for Mom’s 50th birthday present.

50th Birthday Presents for Dad

He was there your whole life, raising you to be the best you could be… he was your ATM, chore dictator, and shoulder to cry on.

He deserves a big thanks for everything.

Unlike mom, dad doesn’t care so much about the thought – dad’s like gadgets and gizmos, and sometimes elegant and masculine jewelry.

I have a page here full of ideas to get you started on 50th birthday present ideas for Dad.

Gifts for Your Spouse

Your husband or wife is that person you have connected with and want to be with for all eternity. Show them how special they are to you, and thank them for being the amazing person they are.

A husband and a wife have very different ideas of what a great gift is, so we have dedicated a page to each!  Go here to find gift ideas for hubby, and here for gift ideas for wife.

For More Ideas

Hopefully some of these ideas will work great for your 50th birthday gifts.

For more great birthday present ideas, visit the Best 50th Birthday Gift page, too.