50th Birthday Present Ideas for Dad

Need that perfect 50th birthday present ideas for dad? I’ve got solutions!

Dad’s are interesting to shop for, to say the least. Usually most dad’s have everything they need. But no dad has everything the WANT! Dads like gadgets, dads like things to make their lives easier – dad’s like toys. There are many different things you can buy dad that will surprise him as well as excite him. Don’t be predictable; don’t buy him socks, or a tie. Buy him fun, one of a kind, unique things.

Here are some unique and fun ideas for 50th birthday present ideas for dad:

  • Robot lawnmower: Yes there is actually such a thing! Similar to the robot vacuum this lawnmower will do the work for him
  • GPS for his car: A great 50th birthday present ideas! This way dad will always know where to go and can plan the most fuel efficient route, or the route that will avoid the rush hour traffic.
  • Bluetooth Headset: You can get a headset he can use every where, or you can get him a Bluetooth system for the visor in his car. Either will give him the freedom of chatting hands free – and be a safe driver.
  • Digital Photo Frame: This will give a sentimental side to the gift but still in that “cool gadget” category. You can load it with all your favorite pictures before you wrap it. And dad can always add or change the pictures over time.
  • Universal Remote: Most dad’s are couch potatoes for some part of the day – be it to watch the game, or watch a movie. This remote will allow him control of all the devices, so he wouldn’t have to fumble with a remote for the TV, Stereo, DVD player, etc.
  • Grilling Tool Belt: If dad is an avid BBQ’er then this is a neat gift. It’s a tool belt similar to any trade tool belt, except the tools on it are those required for a great BBQ. There is a spot for the spatula, tongs, brush, and everything.
  • Fishing Trip: Buy him all the things he needs for a fun fishing trip with either a father-daughter trip, or father-son trip. Get a gift basket and fill it with snacks, bait, tackle, sunscreen, pop, etc. You can also add in the supplies to cook what you catch. Also you can create a voucher for “one family fishing getaway”.
  • Remote Control Car: Think of dad’s favorite car – try to find a remote control version of it. What dad wouldn’t want a car for his birthday! To add to the gift you can buy a nice pair of driving gloves for him to wear when he takes his car out on the town.
  • Sports Tickets: Buy tickets for his favorite sporting event. Make sure to get a ticket for you and him, and if you have the cash – the rest of the family as well.
  • Poker: If dad is a fan of poker, you can buy him a nice poker set – get the table, chips and cards. With this you can arrange for some family poker nights; they don’t have to break the bank – my family plays for a $5 buy in. Another thing you can do is buy him gift certificates for a poker website. This way he can actually gamble away some money (or make millions!).
  • Personalized Things: You can personalize anything for dad. You can have his picture or his name put on stuff. You can have “world’s greatest dad” or some other catchy phrase. You can personalize anything from coffee mugs, beer glasses, clocks, t-shirts, key chains, picture frames, pillows, blankets, etc.
  • Chef’s Apron: If dad is an avid BBQ’er or cook, then you can get him an apron that has pockets for all his cooking utensils. A lot of these aprons have sayings like “Kiss the Cook”, “Bacon is a Vegetable”, “Caution: Man Cooking”, “Real Men Don’t Use Recipes” and so on.

These are just a few of the many different options for 50th birthday present ideas for dad. He’s put up with you for long enough he deserves something great!