50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

We have got tons of great ideas for the perfect 50th birthday gifts for mom!!

Mom’s love thoughtful gifts, so make sure to put a lot of love in your presents for her!

Mom is the reason we are all here (well, dad helped). She put up with us from the crying baby stage to the temper-filled teenage years, and beyond. She deserves a one of a kind, awesome gift!

Here are just some categories with great ideas for a 50th birthday gifts for mom.

Pictures & Memories

Moms love pictures of their family. (At least I know my mom and mother-in-law do!) It’s a foolproof gift idea that is very personal and everlasting.

It’s a great way for her to bring back all the great memories she has.

And there are many ways you can give the gift of pictures:

  • Put a special picture in a “mom” frame. You can get the frames anywhere that sells frames, they have a “mother” or “mom” theme to them.
  • Make a collage of pictures of you and her and frame it.
  • Fill a photo album with pictures of you over the years and different memories from baby to now.
  • Personalized family calendar with pictures of the family each month, and you can even make the pictures correspond with the months. Like, for December have a family Christmas picture or winter picture, etc.
  • Locket necklace with pictures inside. Make sure to pick some of mom’s favorite pictures.
  • Buy her a digital key chain, this way you can load a bunch of pictures on it, and mom can change or add to them.
  • Create a scrapbook of all the great memories over the years. You can do this by hand, or have a simple one made through stores, like Walmart.


Jewelry is always a great 50th birthday gifts for mom, well for any woman really! It’s always a good idea to make the jewelry you buy her a little personal – mom’s always like sentiment in the gifts.

  • Charm bracelet with charms for “sister” “mother”, “grandmother” “friend”, etc to all those that apply to your mom. Or you can have nicknames she uses engraved in charms, like “nana”, “mama” etc.
  • Gold jewelry – gold being the color of the 50th milestone, this makes a great thing to get mom. Have the jewelry engraved to say something special to mom.
  • Mother/Daughter matching rings or necklaces.
  • Ring with the birthstones of all her children.
  • Necklace with pendants of all the children’s names

Personalized Gifts

Another good idea for mom is something personalized with her name. Many different things can be embroidered or engraved.

You can have her initials or name put on things like:

  • Duffle bag, or luggage bags.
  • Tote bag
  • Towels
  • Aprons
  • Pillow cases
  • Housecoat and Slippers

Spoil Her

Every woman, and every mom, LOVES to be spoiled! You can get a great 50th birthday gifts for mom that will be sure she is super spoiled.

  • Day at the spa. Get a gift certificate for a spa with luxury to spoil her ever need.
  • Make a spa in a box. Get everything she would need to pamper herself. You could include things like a nice plush towel, housecoat, bubble bath, body wash, bath salts, inflatable bath pillow, candles, face mask kits, sponges or loofas, foot massager with salts for it,etc.
  • Plan a home cooked meal, like it was catered to her. And make sure she doesn’t life a finger! (and that includes chores)

Other 50th Birthday Gifts

There are also many other things you can give mom as a 50th birthday gifts.

  • Gift certificates for her favorite stores or restaurants.
  • Jar of wishes, filled with $1 and $2 coins – she can use this for whatever she likes – coffee, treats, bingo, etc.
  • Mom keepsakes – things like the statues or poems dedicated to moms. Hallmark and places like that sell a lot of different items that are dedicated to mom’s.
  • Cook book stands, or recipes boxes for all mom’s secret recipes. If you can get hold of all mom’s best recipes you can make a recipe book filled with the “Kid’s Favorites”.

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