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More 50th Birthday Games

Are you looking for 50th birthday games for a gathering at home or at work?  Check out these games, designed specifically for  50th birthday celebrations.

I know. Some people are completely anti-game (I have family like that, too), but games are very useful when it comes to successful party hosting. Here are a few reasons:

  • They’re a great icebreaker at private birthday parties. They put guests at ease.
  • They help liven things up at moments when parties grow quiet or dull.
  • At work, they get things rolling quickly and turn a lunch-break party into an instant holiday treat.
  • For those who don’t like the “mushy stuff,” games help you show you care by creating a fun memory so your friend or loved one’s birthday can be properly acknowledged.
  • The bottom line is, party games help you celebrate in a fun way, with lots of laughs and jokes.

The games are listed below, I promise!  But let’s look at some tips on how to manage these games.

50th Birthday Games Tips and Tricks

1. Prize Ideas for Your Party

Everybody loves to win and many games call for prizes.  The prize doesn’t even have to be a big deal, it’s still fun to win!  What prizes to use can be a trick, so I’ve created a short list of possible prizes you can use at your party.  Here they are:

  • Gift cards
  • Movie tickets
  • Party favors
  • Little bottles of booze
  • Bags of candy
  • Personalized items that signify the event like coasters, drink cups, wine stoppers, etc.
  • Cookies
  • Snacks
  • Wine, liquor, or beer
  • Bath supplies (make them gender-specific and distribute accordingly)

2. Handling Ties or No Winner Situations

Sometimes it occurs that you end up with a tie or in some cases, no winner at all.

  • In order to break a tie, you could flip a coin,  grab a playing card deck and draw a card (high or low wins, your choice), or you could have the crowd vote by a show of hands.
  • In the case where there’s no clear winner, use the game conclusion as a toasting opportunity, or, if you know in advance you’re likely to not have a winner, use the game as a photo opportunity where you can get live pictures of folks participating and having fun at your party.

3.  Have Fun

The important thing is to relax and have fun.  Don’t get too formal or hung up on details, especially if your guest list consists of friends and family.  They’ll go with the flow and won’t get picky about rules.  Be sure to buy or prepare a few extra prizes in case there are goofs or unforeseen circumstances.  You could assemble a range of prizes from small prizes like party favors, to larger, more desirable prizes, like movie tickets or gift cards.  Put an emphasis on the smaller prizes so you can use them to smooth out any rough spots in the party, if needed.  Guests are usually very understanding, but having these extra helps will make you a more confident host/hostess.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these games, shall we?

Special 50th Birthday Games

Give these games a try at your event, or modify them to suit your needs.  They’re my gift to you!

Go for the Gold Game

They say that the 50th birthday is a golden birthday, and in honor of that, we’ll use a gold object to play a game.  Your “gold” can be anything.  Examples include a gold coin, a piece of jewelry, something “gold-like” you found at the dollar store–whatever works for you.  Here’s how to play:

  • Hide your gold-something in an inconspicuous place before guests arrive.
  • You could type up the game on party paper and distribute the instructions as guests arrive.  Let them know it’s hidden and give them clues as to what it is, but don’t tell them exactly.
  • Leave it there during the party.
  • The guest who guesses what it is, wins.  People can’t continually guess or blurt it out.  They have to write it on a piece of paper when they think they know what it is.
  • A drawing at the end of the night will prove the winner.
  • This prize could be your “grand prize.”

The Silver Streak Game

This is called the Silver Streak game because aside from gold, silver is a perfectly acceptable color to represent a 50th birthday!

  • In this game, players have 2 minutes to write down 10 facts they know about the birthday person on a sheet of paper.  (No sharing, please!)
  • After time is up, the items should be read aloud by each player and should include funny, strange or endearing qualities the birthday person possesses.
  •  Of course, the birthday person is the judge, so they will say which items are facts or not.
  • The player with the most correct facts wins.

The Don’t Say 50 Game

This 50th birthday game is fairly self-explanatory, but simple games are a blessing for conscientious hosts and hostesses!

  • Make a note inside each invitation introducing the game.  Explain that the word 50 is forbidden during the party.
  • As guests arrive, give each a token in order to play the game.  (Poker chips or something similar could work.)
  • Anyone who slips up and says “50” forfeits their token.
  • At the end of the night, the players with remaining tokens can compete via drawing for a larger prize, or a grand prize if appropriate to your plan.
  • Note: The word 50 can include 50th, the number 50,000, etc.

Here is a suggestion on how to mention the game in your party invitations:


John is so broken up about turning 50, he just doesn’t want to talk about it…NOT!!  He’s actually looking forward to turning 50.  It’s an excuse to party and he definitely wants to play a game. 

Here’s how it goes:  Throughout the party, don’t say the word 50.  If you can make it all night without saying “50,” you could win a very cool prize!  We hope you’ll join us and play the game, too.  It will be a blast!


The Friendly Neighbor Game 50th birthday game

This 50th birthday game is just for laughs and another possible photo opportunity. One person begins the game and each player takes consecutive turns, always passing to the right.

The game goes like this:

  • The first player starts by saying a sentence beginning with the birthday person’s name.
  • When  they pass to the right, the next person begins a sentence starting with the person’s name.
  • The sentences should link together in some way, to form a story about the birthday boy or girl, but people don’t have to repeat the sentence(s) from the previous player(s) as they recite their own.
  • You can try to assign a topic for the story, or just let the story evolve and see where it goes.
  • There would be no winner for this one, just fun and laughs.
  • Try to see if people can keep it going without breaking the chain.

Take pics during and after.   You should get lots of laughs and remember, if you play the “Don’t Say 50” game, anyone who messes up during this game loses their token!

50th Birthday Games with Cards

Variation on “Go Fish”

  • Use the 5’s in the deck as the most valuable cards.
  • The person who accumulates the most 5s wins.
  • You could also use the Kings and Queens, depending upon the birthday person’s gender.

Poker Variation for a 50th Birthday Game

Play a game where 5s are wild (or Queens/Kings as above, depending upon your birthday person’s gender).

50th Birthday Game – How’s Your Memory?

  • Each person has to share a memory that includes the birthday person.
  • The story can be true or it can be made up.
  • To make it really fun, guests should share their particular memory in a way that is fun and interesting.  For example: the story could be an adventure (or a misadventure), a trip, a coworker experience, a funny thing that happened, etc.
  • The point is to be as convincing as possible (while being upbeat – no insults or put-downs, please).
  • A show of hands will indicate the person who they think had the best, most convincing memory.
  • The birthday person will reveal at the end which memories were real and which were made up.

50th of Anything

  • In this 50th birthday game, each person has one minute to come up with something that is the 50th of something.
  • The should write their guesses on a piece of paper that bears their name.
  • Using a smartphone or table, look up each 50th thing and whoever is correct wins a prize.
  • This one can be tough, so if guests get stumped, move on to another game… 😉  Or play for laughs without writing things down and the first person to come up with a correct 50th-something wins.

50th Birthday Memory Test

    • Each guest takes turns counting backwards from 500,000 without making a mistake.
    • He/she who makes it the longest, wins.
    • If you’re playing the “Don’t Say 50” game above, players must start with “Five-Oh Thousand” (not the word 50 as in 50,000) and must say “Five-Oh” instead of 50 each time that number comes up.
  • It’s trickier than it sounds and is a good way to get people to lose their tokens!

Well there you have it, folks, my ideas for 50th birthday games.  Share them and use them as you can.  And be sure to check out the rest of the site!  I hope you have a wonderful celebration!