50th Birthday Favors

by Bonnie
(New York)


I would like to make favors for my 50th birthday.

Something in paper crafting.

Thank you

Amanda’s Reply:

Hi Bonnie!

I love paper crafting, great question! Of course, before I go into craft mode we do also have plenty of other 50th birthday party favors if these paper crafting ideas don’t fit right into your theme or personality.

Paper Cupcake Holders

You can send them home with a cupcake, decorated like the cake was, as a little treat for after the party. These are fairly easy to make and can be decorated to match your theme.

This is similar to the regular cupcake holders you get at the grocery store. You would use card stock and around the top of it you can embellish with flower petals or stars.

Paper Fortunes

These are a fun origami activity you can use. You can give each person a fortune cookie with a personalized fortune in it, especially from you.

These are very easy to make and all you need is a piece of paper, a ribbon and a marker.

Here are some simple steps:


    • You pick the pattern or color of paper you wish and cut it into a perfect circle (use a cup or bowl as a template).


    • Fold the circle in half, you do not need to crease it just a bend is okay.


    • Take both corners of your circle and bend then towards each other – this will make it look like a fortune cookie.


    • Glue together both sides where they meet in the middle so your cookie stays closed.


For the fortune, you can either place it inside before you create the cookie (but keep in mind they will have to rip your memento to see it) or you can hang a piece of ribbon out each side with a little thank you or fortune on it.

Something like this:

Picture courtesy of lolo.gifts

A Little “Extra”

Get packages of Extra gum (as many as you need).

Cut out pieces of colored paper in whatever shape you like – maybe a star.

Make sure it is the size to cover the majority of the gum package.

On the paper, write something like “Thanks for making my 50th extra special”.

Punch holes on two sides of the star and wrap a ribbon through them and around the package of gum. This will hold the card to the gum.

Cup of Goodies

Get styrofoam cups and decorate them with paper cut outs to match your theme, or personality.

Fill the cups with candies or some form of goodies for your guests to take home.

Write something to thank them for coming to your 50th on the cup.

After they eat all the treats they could always use the cup as a pencil holder, a plant pot, etc.

I hope these few ideas help you get along on your way. I can go on for hours with different craft ideas!

Good luck and party hard! You deserve it!

Happy Birthday!


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