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Poem-Writing Tips

Happy 50th Birthday Poems: How to Write the Perfect Poem!

Happy 50th birthday poems are a sentimental touch to any card, especially unique and original creations by the sender. They will transform your feelings into a nice keepsake, however you choose to present it.

You can use poems in your cards, as well as your speeches, or use them as a gift by themselves. It’s a very nice idea to frame a poem as a keepsake. You can write your own to give true meaning to it.

It seems when it comes to putting a poem on paper, a lot of people get writers’ block, or don’t feel they’re creative enough to write poems. But really, anyone can write a poem!

Here’s a great guide to writing the perfect happy 50th birthday poem

Step #1: The Brainstorming

  • Think about the person you’re writing this poem for. Take a piece of scrap paper and write down things you know about them, things you like about them, and things you want to say to them.
  • When doing this brainstorm, be sure to write down words or phrases you would like in your poems.
  • You can add events and memories you had with this person that you’ll never forget.

Step #2: Style & Format

This step is for use after you’ve decided what style of birthday poem you want to write. You’ll decide what mood you want the poem to convey: funny, sentimental, touching, etc. You will also decide what style of poem you want to write.

Here’s a few poem styles you can use:

  • ABC Poem: These are poems that follow an A,B, C pattern. Each line starts with the next letter in the alphabet. Line 1 would begin with A, line 2 would begin with B, etc.
  • Blank Verse: These styles of poems do not rhyme at the end of each line. An example of famous blank verse poems are Shakespeare.
  • Haiku Poems: These are Japanese poems that consist of 3 unrhyming lines. Line one should have five syllables, line two should have seven syllables, and line three should have five syllables, too.
  • Limericks: These are short and usually humorous. They have five lines. Line 1, 2 and 5 have 7-10 syllables and rhyme with each other. Line 3 and 4 have 5-7 syllables and rhyme with each other.
  • Rhymes: This is the most common type of poem, used often in nursery rhymes. Each set of lines rhymes with each other.
  • Name Poems: These poems are based on a specific name (or word).  Simliar to an ABC poem, each line will start with each letter of the name or word.

Step #3: Creativity Time!

This is when you take all your brainstorming and style and put together your happy 50th birthday poems. Never erase things you write, always just start a new but leave the old visible, because sometimes your first thoughts work best.

You will likely use ALOT of paper with this process, but you will be very pleased with your final product. Once you have what you think to be the perfect poem, thats when you transform it to a final product in your card, frame, gift, etc.

Have you made a great poem? Share Your Poem With Us!!