Conduct a Seance

If your birthday is in October, conduct a seance and co-celebrate your birthday with the Halloween season! This could be a very creative party theme for your 50th birthday.

And not just the same old Halloween costume party, a séance will make it much more interesting.

Have your séance-themed party hosted by a professional medium.

Set the scene for your séance and have everyone gathered around a large table and be sure to capture the dark and spooky mood with atmosphere, like dramatic music, and candles all around a dark room.

Set up a few cauldrons of mysterious brew spewing a foggy mist from the corners of the room.

Hire a Psychic Medium to Conduct a Seance

If you know the guest of honor is interested in psychic and paranormal activities, he or she could be the focus and center of attention for the séance.

Or each guest could choose a relative or friend they’ve lost for the medium to contact.

To make it less sombre, ask each guest to choose a famous person or historical figure.

Have the medium take questions from each guest directed to their chosen celebrity.

After the seance, topics for conversation could be a discussion about out-of-body experiences, witnessing strange occurrences like ghost or spirit visits, or vivid dreams with messages from spirits.

Discuss spirit guides, life after death, witchcraft and spells.

You might be surprised at what you learn about your friends and family at this unusual party!

Other Ideas for a Birthday Seance

Instead of a psychic medium, use a Ouija board for channeling your spirit messages.

You could also plan an outing to a well-known haunted cemetery or arrange for the birthday party to be held in a local haunted house or mansion.

If a séance isn’t quite right for your crowd, what about a ghost hunt or ghost walk tour? Almost every town has ghost walks and spooky cemeteries that could get your party in the mood for Halloween.

Tips for Conducting Your Seance

  • Use cauldrons of hot water with dry ice to create mists. (Some grocery stores have dry ice.  In my area, Harris Teeter has it, for example.)
  • Put tall candlesticks on the table. Old fashioned oil lamps might work, too.  Both of these have flickering flames that add to the spookiness.
  • Hire a medium and decide on the topics to be explored.  Read blogs where people discuss popular expert psychics and mediums.  One example is  If you want a truly amazing experience you might as well hire the real thing.