Will it be too kiddy?

I’m throwing my mom a 50th birthday party and she knows. She’s giving me the guest list. I thought it would be cool to reminisce about one of the most formidable times of your life being grade school through college. I thought it would be cool to celebrate the 70’s and early 80’s with music being the theme. I thought maybe a Grammy’s kind of theme but I’m scared that the games may be a little too kiddy for this crowd. Games such as ‘name that tune’ and ‘dancing game’. I just don’t know what to do.


Amanda’s Reply:


No game is too kiddy! It doesn’t matter if you’re five or fifty; a fun game is a fun game.

Adults should always let loose and be kids!

Your theme sounds great!! You can ask your mom what her prom was like and decorate the same way, with the same music, etc.

You could always hunt down a bunch of pictures of mom and her friends from all years – grade school through to college. Collage them all over the area you are having the party – or create a slideshow to present before the gifts and cake.

If you don’t want to theme it like her prom, you can use that Grammy’s theme and give out rewards to your mom and friends that were involved in her life through school. Give them all rewards for different things that are memorable to them and your mom. You can have rewards for High School Class Clown, Teachers Pet, Ladies Man, etc.

As for games to play, the ones you mentioned are not kiddy games, they are pretty relevant to many age groups. You will find at parties, with their closest family and friends, people tend to be more laid back and just want to have fun. Adding if there is alcohol – that could alleviate any further nervousness about acting like a goof!

I hope the party goes great!! We would love to hear back on how it goes. Join us on Facebook, or post back on here!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!

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