by Barb

I would like to ask friends write down a song that reminds them of the birthday girl. What can I send to them to write it down on that will then become a keepsake??

Amanda’s Reply:

Hello Barb,

Another great question!!

I can think of a few ways to do this.

#1: You can print out a picture of each of your friends and have them write the song on the back of the picture and why they think that song reminds them of the birthday girl.

#2: Have each friend write out the lyrics to the song they pick. This way they can all be put in a scrapbook together or a binder. She can read all the lyrics.

#3: You can give each friend a music note and have them write their name on it and the song they choose.

Kind of like this . . .

Sorry if its a blurry picture, but I took it with my phone so I could post this nice and quick for you πŸ™‚

You can then take these and glue them all onto a piece of bristol board, or create music out of it and place them all on a music staff.

Sidebar comment – a great friendship song is the one I put in the picture from Vitamin C called “Friends Forever”.

Hope this helps!! πŸ™‚

Update with more suggestions for guests to provide their songs (or poems, or story):

Purchase a set of note cards (blank inside) that match the theme and provide one to each guest that they can fill out and return to you.

Purchase a keepsake book with removable pages and provide a couple of pages to each guest which they can return to you to compile in the book prior to the party.

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