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Did you follow our easy steps to planning a 50th birthday party and have a great, unforgettable party?

Have you hosted or attended a great 50th birthday party in the past? Take the time and share with us what you did.

Share your story with us!

  • Tell us how your party turned out, or what kind of theme you used?
  • Did anything really funny happen?
  • What were the unforgettable moments?
  • What kinds of gifts did you get?
  • What did the cake look like?

We want to hear it all!

We are here not only to help plan your event, but to listen to your success stories.

We gave you the information to plan this event.  We would love to hear how it went and if our information helped make the event successful.

If the party was not a success, tell us why.

Maybe we can help make the next party you throw a better one. Also, if you have any hints or advice for others feel free to share. Parties are best planned with creativity and the more people that contribute ideas the more creativity builds.

Have a great 50th birthday party story to share?

Do you have a great story about a 50th birthday you’ve planned, or attended? Share it! We love hearing everyones stories – great ways to generate more creativity and help others that want to plan successful 50th birthday parties


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