Restaurant Party

by Barb

How can we word invitations to say we would like friends to pay for there own dinner at the resturant?

Amanda’s Reply:

Hey Barb!

The good thing about your question is that most people usually expect to pay for their own meals if a party is at a restuarant.

It is pretty simple to word on the invitations, too. Create your invitations how every you would like them to look, mention in them somewhere that it is at a restuarant (and of course name the restuarant).

Here’s a few wordings you can use:

    • “Meal cost on menu ranges from $20-40 per person”
    • “We have enclosed a copy of the menu for you”
    • At the bottom of the invitation include “This is a Dutch Treat”. (If they need a definition, it means each person has to pay)

Like I said the majority of people will expect to pay their own meal. Just keep in mind not to use words like “hosting” or “We’re having lunch”. Use things that will not make it sound like you are paying, just something casual.

If you think your friends may be offended by saying that they have to pay, you can always average out what each meal would be and a drink or two. Just set a flat price for each person, similar to how people do at weddings and things. You can make it $20 a person and pick a variety off of the menu that they can choose from and a limit of drinks – if you have having a large group some restaurants will help with things like that. If certain people want to get something more expensive or extra drinks they just pay as they go.

To avoid invitation problems all together you can make inviting more informal and just call everyone. You just have to mention that you want to meet at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday and dinner is approximately $20-40 a person. Keeping it informal doesn’t make them feel obligated to go if they can’t afford it, and also saves you writing up invitations 🙂

If you need ideas for the design of your invitations you can check out our 50th Birthday Party Invitation Samples

Hope this helps the start, and we are here for any more of your planning needs!!

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