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Do’s & Dont’s

50th Birthday Invitation Do’s and Don’ts Use our 50th Birthday invitation Do’s and Don’ts to make those perfect invites and RVSPs!! The invitation is the precursor to any special event, it sets the tone for the whole affair. These invitations work as a first impression for the upcoming event. Use these DOs and DON’Ts to …

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What to Say

50th Birthday Party Invitation Wording The 50th birthday party invitation wording is a very important part of the invitation as a whole. The wording gives all the important information to help your guests arrive at the party! It can set the mood or theme, as well as provide the party details. The wording on the …

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Example Invites

50th Birthday Party Invitations Now, it’s time to create your 50th birthday party invitations to make sure all your guests are in attendance. Here’s some great examples of invitations you can replicate. I’ve just made some basic clip art versions of ideas for these party invitations. You are free to use these ideas for your …

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