Black & White 50th BD Party

by Ruth
(Dallas, Texas)

My sister wants a black & white theme for her 50th BD. She wants it to be semi-formal and elegant and she wants finger food. I need suggestions on the food to serve. No seafood.

Amanda’s Reply:

Hi Ruth!

Black and white is a great theme for a 50th birthday, both chic and kind of plays on the over the hill aspect – in a more elegant way!

Here are some great ideas for finger foods (that do not include seafood):

    • Sandwich platter
    • Cheese platter, with crackers and dip
    • Sushi (veggie ones, with cucumbers and other non-seafood things)
    • Spinach dip and pumpernickel bread
    • Seven Layer Nacho dip (if you search on Google, you will find plenty of recipes for that).
    • Veggies and Dip
    • Lunch meat platters
    • Fruit platters with dip
    • Garlic bread
    • Breaded Cheese sticks, and Jalapeno Poppers (breaded cream cheese and peppers).
    • Meatballs
    • Devil eggs
    • Quiche

Another idea you can use if you can’t think of enough different foods, you can have each guest bring one finger food. You may get some repetition but you will also get a large variety of things you may not have thought of. Especially if your guests are a variety of nationalities – the cuisine variations will be great – this could be a lot of fun. To be sure you don’t just get the obvious and regular stuff you can spin it as bring a unique finger food. Tell the guests to be creative and bring something different, something from another culture or just something they create on their own.

I know your question was about the food, but how is the decorating going for the overall theme of your party? We do have many themes on here, and one of them happens to be exactly what you are looking for! See our Black and White 50th Birthday Party Theme. This theme will give you a great blueprint to set up the perfect black and white party theme.

Good luck with the planning and hope the party goes well! Feel free to tell your story to us afterwards 🙂

Happy Planning!!

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