The Best 50th Birthday Party Theme

The best 50th birthday party theme is the one that gets everyone in a mood for fun and lively conversation.

Over the past couple of years, our readers asked for help with their theme planning. If any of these reader requests sounds like your dilemma, go to the responses page to see the suggestions for the best party theme.

If these don’t sound like they would fit your special person, you might want to read the answers and suggestions anyway in case they give you ideas you can use.

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Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea to get your creativity going.

Once it sparks you’ll have more ideas than you can use to make a really cool theme.

Sports and action guy

By Julia (Canada)

I really really need some ideas for the best themes for a 50th birth day celebration for my brother! It will be a surprise, too.

He’s really into sports like: hockey, soccer and Nascar. He’s also big on action movies…

Please help!

Best Theme for a Fishing and Fixing Guy

By Lynn

What would you suggest as a theme for my friend John who is turning 50 in October?

He is a pretty quiet guy. Mostly he likes fishing and fixing up things around the house (which he actually built last year.)

I really need your best theme ideas!

Party Theme for Trip to Spain

By Liza

I hope you can help me decide on a theme for my wife’s 50th in May. We are already booked for a vacation trip to Spain in July so this will be a small surprise party with just a few close friends.

Do you have any ideas for a theme related to Spain? I just can’t think of anything except Flamenco dancers and bull fighters.

I hope you can help me out with some fun ideas to surprise her with!

Best Party for an All Business Guy

Hello Party People,

My guy is a business man who has very little time for hobbies. I could use some help with a theme idea for a surprise 50th event for him in September.

Thanks in advance!

Answer to the Best 50th Birthday Party Theme Questions

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