A thankful 50th birthday

by Sharon Miller

My daughter will turn 50 this August. It needs to be very special day.

She is very outgoing, teaches line dancing at the senior center, she is very active in the Red Hatters organization.

She is a giver not a taker.

She has been a diabetic for 41 years and has had numerous surgeries for her eyes,heart and so on.

She has gone through 2 kidney transplants the latest 4 years ago her brother donated on of his.

I would like to celebrate her LIFE. She attended college and received her Masters degree as a physical therapist for over 10 years until this last transplant.

I need a fun idea for her.

Sharon Miller

*** Response ***

Hi Sharon,

Someone like your daughter must surely be well loved by the people in her life! Involve some of those people to help you plan the celebration.

The first thought that came to mind as I read your post was the “This Is Your Life” Theme.

You could feature an event or accomplishment from each decade of her life with a special surprise guest telling the story.

To really honor the day, make it a formal or semi-formal event with an MC or DJ leading the event. Plan it as you would a wedding, with a limousine, catered, open bar, etc. Find a wedding planner who could recommend a venue if you don’t already know of a place you like.

If that doesn’t feel right to you, another idea could be a theme chosen from 1964. A movie, song, or event from that year that has meaning for your daughter. For example, Mary Poppins, Bewitched, the Beatles invasion begins, first Jeopardy show…

Wikipedia on 1964

Or choose the year she graduated from high school, since our teen years are usually memorable, and make it an ’80’s themed party.

And of course include things she loves, like line dancing, if appropriate.

Once you choose a theme, brainstorm on how to make it fun. If it’s related to music, buy albums from thrift shops or yards sales for decorations. If it’s a movie, order posters for decorating around the room. Or you can pull colors or prop ideas from the movie. Look on eBay or Etsy for neat ideas, too.

For more theme ideas, see these pages:

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I really hope this helps! And be sure to round up helpers since August will be here before you know it!

Happy Planning!

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