A party abroad for my husband

We are visiting my daughter abroad in Europe at the same time my husband is turning the big 50! I am surprising him with a party over there with family, but since friends will not be there, I am having them send pictures/emails to my husband to wish him all the best on this special day.

What is the best way to display these notes/email/pictures so that all can see that evening. Keep in mind; it is tough for me to make a display board, as we are flying to our destination.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Amanda’s Reply:

Even without the friends, sounds like it is going to be a great party!

To display those pictures,emails and letters, you can:

– Print each one out. Glue each of them to a piece of colored construction paper. Then once you are there you can tape them all over the walls. This way, to pack them they are only at most 8’x10′ (very easy to pack in a folder).

– You can also put them into a scrap book. This can be placed on a central table for everyone to take a look at. To bring attention to it you can put some balloons around it.

– You can scan all the pictures, emails and letters and put them together in a slide show. Add some music to it. You can play this slide show at the party for everyone to see.

– There is the option of making personalized balloons. Get them to print these pictures, emails and letters on to balloons – each balloon with a different email, letter or picture. These can be easily packaged up and blown up once the party is about to start.

Hope one of these ideas helps you! Please post back and let us know how it all went… good luck and wish him a Happy Birthday!! Party hard!!
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