a non 50th birthday party!??

by sophia hunter
(ottawa, ontario, Canada)

Hi!..my name is Sophia Hunter. I have a close friend who does not like her birthday at all. Her birthday is on New years Eve and she feels it is not her day!

She is also not happy about turning 50!

I thought of doing something different to change her perception of her birthday like a surprise party a year before her 50th and the theme being a non 50th birthday!

I have heard of birthdays like this but i am stumped about building a party based on this theme!

All I have come up with is maybe poems or skits on why she will never be 50 because of her personality…she has a wonderful sense of joie de vivre, a great sense of humour and finds humour in negative situations!!

I would really like to create a new tradition for her 1 special day so that she looks forward to it instead of dreading it!..

Do you have some ideas!?


Hi Sophia!

This is a challenging question! So, I’m just going to brainstorm some thoughts for you here…

50th year kick off party

start of the 50th year

x reasons to love your 50th birthday

1. You’re obligated to eat dessert
2. 50 is the new 30, so you’re no longer 40 something
3. You’re not 50 years old, you’re 18,250 days old.
4. You’re still younger than these people (list beautiful people who are over 50.)
5. You save money every year because your birthday is on a holiday, one outfit for both, one party for both, etc.

Get friends to help you with the list of reasons.

Who’s turning 50?

If you can find a celebrity who shares that birthday date or year, your non-birthday party could be in that person’s honor instead of your friend. That way it is still a birthday party but NOT your friend’s. You could feature pictures of that person in your decorations, run videos of them, etc. It would be a bonus if it was someone your friend is a fan of. Or it could be someone who shares your friend’s first name.

Non-birthday ideas

Have pie instead of cake, like chocolate cream pie or strawberry pie, or another favorite.
Give funny advice instead of gifts or give wrapped grocery items instead of gifts.
Give congratulations on reaching/achieving 18,000 days of happiness instead of birthday greetings.

In reference to 50 is the new 30, have a 30th (or 29th) birthday party.

Celebrate Your Friend

Have everyone tell why they love her or make it funny and have them say why they are happy she is turning 50.

Have party hats for the birthday party and then at 11pm switch it to a New Year’s Eve party with new hats, new music, new snacks, different cocktails.

I hope these thoughts will spark a wonderful idea for you. If so, come back with an update on what you decided to do.

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