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Surprise Parties and Strategies

Throwing a Surprise 50th Party!

Find the perfect 50th birthday party idea for your surprise party! We’ve got some great ideas to help plan a shocking and mouth dropping surprise party.

Surprise parties take a little extra planning and some secret keeping. So if you are not good at keeping secrets it may be a better idea to get a helper to plan the party. Discretion is a MUST!

50th birthday cake

Here are a few examples of great surprise parties.

Take a peek through and see if that perfect 50th birthday party idea for your surprise party pops out.

Ruse #1: The Bait and Switch

Secret Surprise 50th Birthday Party Ideas

The “Cover Up”: You have planned an evening at their favorite bar, just you and them – a nice quiet evening together.

Behind the Scenes: Weeks before book a private area of the bar, or the whole bar if possible. Invite everyone they would love to have there. Arrange a date and time. Have all the guests get there before you and the guest of honor. Have the place decorated by the guests (or assign a decorator).

The Big Night: You will casually arrive at the bar. Don’t make it obvious that you need to be there at a set time. When you walk in, and surprise, all their closest friends and family are there. Use this great idea and Party On!!!

Ruse # 2: Make Some Noise

The “Cover Up”: Book some form of appointment or outing for that person. Arrange for a spa afternoon, or send them out fishing with one friend.

Behind the Scenes: Once this “outing” is scheduled, invite all the guests. While they are gone on that day, decorate the whole house and get everyone over. Get everyone to park out of sight. Make the exterior of the house look as normal as possible, with nothing is going on.

The Big Day: Have the person they are with, or a spotter, tell you when they are heading up the street. As they are about to pull up have everyone run out of their hiding places singing at the top of their lungs – holding banners and balloons, with noisemakers. Make sure it’s a real ruckus that the whole neighborhood can hear. If you know any musicians, include them for added effect!

Ruse # 3: The Classic

Classic Surprise 50th Birthday Party Ideas

The “Cover Up”: Get the birthday person out of the house, by some means, for a couple of hours. Send them for groceries, to the movie store, etc.

Behind the Scenes: Weeks before the appointed time, invite all your guests. While they are out of the house have everyone head over and decorate. Have everyone hide their cars out of sight.

The Big Day: When they arrive at the house, have all the lights off. Once the door is opened have everyone shout SURPRISE!! This is a classic 50th birthday party idea but none the less still a great idea.

Ruse # 4: Fill It Up

The “Cover Up”: Whatever you need to tell them to get them out of the house for a couple hours – without drawing suspicion. Maybe a friend could require their assistance with some problem.

Behind the Scenes: Secretly invite all the guests. Order a ton (and I mean TON) of balloons. Decide the room you are having all your guests in, where the guest of honor will first go. Fill this room with balloons, and have all your guests hide in the balloons.

The Big Day: When they return home, they will come upon a room filled with balloons. As they venture through this room they will stumble upon all their friends that are hiding in the balloons.

Ruse # 5: Kidnap

The “Cover Up”: Nothing

Behind the Scenes: Arrange for all your guests to be at one set location. Arrange for a group of kidnappers with a van, preferably. Have a spotter that will know the location of the guest of honor at a set time.

The Big Day: Go to the place where the guest of honor will be at a set time. Have the kidnappers wear clown suits. Get them to kidnap the guest of honor and get them blindfolded and into the vehicle. Drive them to the said location and carry them into the place, sit them on a chair in the middle of the room blindfolded and have everyone start singing happy birthday as you remove the blind fold.

  • Some other tips for a surprise 50th birthday party idea:

    • Make sure the guest of honor enjoys surprises and has a good sense of humor.
    • Be clear on the invitations that it is a surprise so no one gives away the secret.
    • For RSVP’s supply a contact method the guest of honor does not have access to. Obviously you don’t want a message in a shared email account or answering machine!
    • Don’t forget cameras and video camera for the big moment. The reaction will be priceless!
    • Planning the party for a day just before the actual birth date can throw off suspicion.
      — guests must park out of sight.
    • Make sure all guests have pretend plans for that day. So if the guest of honor were to ask them what they are doing, they have a set plan and don’t stumble for excuse.
    • If someone is bad at keeping secrets, try your best to have them avoid the guest of honor.