50th birthday bash

by Ashley
(st. louis, mo)

My Parents are both turning 50 next month and my dad is a twin so I’m throwing a party for 3 people. I have a party room booked and the guest list of 100 is complete. Now I am stuck. I need help with a theme and a cheap way to decorate for the theme. They are very fun and outgoing people that are still friends with a lot of people from high school who are all turning 50 this year. The room is a bar seen and it is also a surprise.

Thanks for your help!!!

Amanda’s Reply:

Hi Ashley!

You are on the right track for sure!!

Now, if they have a lot of friends from high school attending the party, why not theme it just like their prom. Ask one of their friends what the prom looked like and decorate it just like it. Get some of the music they would have played. It’s like a party and a flashback to great memories. Give your parents the honor of being the prom king and queen (seeming it is their party!) You can also decorate the walls full of pictures from high school, of your parents and their friends.

Another idea is to get high school pictures of all of the friends that are from high school and put them beside a current picture as decorations for the wall. And seeming it will be a 50th birthday for all of them in the same year, you can have mini celebrations for them too. Get each “fifty year old” a little birthday gift.

Hope all goes well, and we would love to see some pictures from the big event!

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